JAMIX System Is The Guiding Thread For The Kitchen Operations In Laitila

JAMIX System Is The Guiding Thread For The Kitchen Operations In Laitila

LaitilaLaitila food services have been using JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System since the late 1990’s for managing their kitchen operations. Laitila is a town of 8,500 people in southern Finland. It provides food services in schools, kindergartens, and health care facilities. Deploying the web-based JAMIX System recently has boosted the utilization of the system. Along with that the system has provided even more benefits for the food services – both from the economical aspect, as well as through the daily practices.

Web-based JAMIX Provided Motivation For Using The System More

Determination together with the web-based JAMIX System has made things happen. ”All in all it is about the attitude, do you want this or not. We understand the benefits we get from the JAMIX System. That is what pushes us forward”, tells Kitchen Manager Juha Laiho. Food Service Worker Salla Kuoppa-Tiittanen continues: ”We had this enthusiasm towards the web-based system. You can use it on a tablet, as well.”

Juha and Salla are the admin users of the JAMIX System. In addition to them, the chefs use the system in their daily work. Along with trainings and using the system everybody has a positive attitude towards it. Laitila food services publishes their menus online directly from the system with the JAMIX MENU Service. This way the JAMIX System reaches the end-customers, as well.

”JAMIX is the guiding thread for our kitchen operations”

Both administrative users recognize lots of benefits from using the system. ”JAMIX provides us financial guidelines for operations. We can see in the system, how we have spent our money. Through optimizing portion sizes, for example, we are able to allocate the money where we want it to be”, says Juha. Salla continues: ”With JAMIX we have been able to keep our budget. On the other hand we have been able to make savings, which we’ve been able to use for something special. For example, we were able to invest more into the Christmas lunch.”

The system provides tools for forecasting sales, and it is easy to make changes for the recipes, if needed. The system provides a huge benefit also for calculating the order quantities: ”I cook for more than 1,000 people. If I was to think the quantities for minced meat and potatoes by myself, it would just be terrible. JAMIX makes ordering so much easier. We order the quantity that is on the recipe”, tells Salla providing an example from real life. Orders that are the right size help in inventory management. ”We have nothing unnecessary here, so it easy to keep the inventory in order”, Juha explains.

The operations run smoothly and accurately thanks to the system: ”I weigh ingredients according to the recipe, and I know that the portion sizes and the amount of portions will be enough. No need for guessing”, Salla points out. ”Now that we fine tune our recipes, the portion size will be in place. We order and cook according to that. It has been great to notice along the way, that wastage is nonexistent.”

Juha emphasizes the importance of waste monitoring, as well, and brings up other information management: ”JAMIX has the information you need for food safety. The items include information on prices and nutritive content.” The system and the information it includes provide support for new employees, as well. ”It is also an investment for the future, and not only for us who are working here now”, says Juha.

JAMIX MENU Application Promotes Transparency Towards The Customers

Laitila food services publish their menus online with the JAMIX MENU Service. ”With the MENU Service we can communicate the content of the food we serve. Transparency is our goal, and we work for it”, Juha explains. You can communicate also information on special diets through the JAMIX MENU Service: ”There are customers with special diets, and we have instructed them to find information in the JAMIX MENU application. We aim at having all that information in there”, Salla specifies.

Laitila food services actively promote the JAMIX MENU Service so that customers would start using the application. ”I founded a food committee, and we have students from different schools participating. I took Jamix to the committee, as well, and now the students promote the application forward. It was also rewarding, that one teacher came to tell us, that she had started to use the JAMIX MENU application once it was available, and that she was very pleased with it”, tells Juha. In the future, the online menu will be added into the section ”What are we having in school today”, in the website of Laitila.

Systems Will Play A Big Role In The Kitchen In The Future, As Well

Salla and Juha are concerned about the small number of younger people in the industry. At this moment also external threats, like the Covid-19, raises a concern. On the other hand Juha sees that a system helps to reduce possible threats related to the origin of food, for example: ”The transparency the JAMIX MENU service provides us. You can see what our food is made of. You have all the information there.”

Even if people will physically cook the food also in the future, the role of systems will grow in the future. ”The industry will be faster. The systems you have known at one point, won’t necessarily be the same in the future”, Salla predicts.

Experiences About Deployment And Co-operation With JAMIX

Even if Laitila had used the JAMIX System for a long time, they moved to the web-based system through a deployment project. ”I thought it would be a hard work, and that it would take a lot of time to even update our recipes. Now that I think back on it, it wasn’t that huge once we started to work on it”, Salla recalls. Juha continues: ”The motivation was so strong. This is truly a good system now.”

Juha underlines the importance of training when deploying the system: ”It has a huge significance how you get the people involved, and how you sell the idea to them. Support in the start is such a big thing.” Salla points out, that it is important to start using the system right after the training: ”You are bound to forget the things, if you don’t start using the system right away.”

Both Kitchen Managers are pleased with the co-operation with JAMIX.

Tips For A New JAMIX Customer

”You need to budget time and money for deploying JAMIX. We manage JAMIX along with work, so it is not impossible if you don’t have a person to do it. Still, managing the system requires time and persistence”, Juha points out. ”The system cannot help you if you don’t put your information in it. And the information should be accurate and correct from the start. Once you have the information in the system you will benefit from it in the future. You will get faster with the system as you use it, so you will need less and less time for doing it. And then you will get recipes and all other information out of it. Still, this will not be completed at any point, you need to work continuously”, Salla advises.

Juha points out the results you get for the work invested in the system: ”When you have patience to do things thoroughly, it will reward you, and we have experienced that. We have praised JAMIX weekly. So it does require time and money, but it will pay it back. We generate a minimal amount of food waste.”

food production sustainable development - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

Food Production As A Part Of Sustainable Development

By Matleena Autio

The objective of sustainable development is to ensure that the future generations have at least similar possibilities for growth and development, that we have now. If we want to achieve this objective, environmental and humanity issues should be taken into account in all actions and decision making, in addition to financial aspects.

Finding and utilizing sustainable modes of production play a key role, when you think of food production as part of sustainable development. All of us can effect with our purchase decisions. Especially when the producers or service providers inform us openly about the modes of production.

Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations´ Sustainable Development Goals aim to end poverty in all its forms. The goals also support development, that cares for our common environment. Food production and good nutrition are connected naturally in almost all of these goals.

No Poverty, Zero Hunger

In addition to lack of money poverty also means, for example, malnutrition, low level of health, and insufficient opportunities to study. Livelihood of many people is often somehow associated to food production. One important factor in decreasing poverty is to ensure adequate livelihood for everyone, from primary production to services.

Food security is a fundamental right for all people. Food security actualizes when everyone of us has access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets the dietary needs for an active and healthy life. According to Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE) there could already be enough safe food for everybody, if we could get every part of the food production chain to work perfectly. The baseline of course is that no food goes to waste in any part of the food production chain. So, in addition to environmental aspects, decreasing food waste is important because of food security.

Health, Well-being, And Education Possibilities With Sustainable Food Production

Good nutrition is an important factor for health and well-being. In addition to nutritional deficiencies, malnutrition is a risk factor for many non-communicable diseases. And it can also have an impact on studies. It is difficult to concentrate on studying if you are hungry. So malnutrition can endanger the school performance. School feeding programs are an effective way to support the goal of good education also in lower income countries.

With JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System you can easily ensure the nutritional quality of the meals you serve. In the system you can compare the nutritional values of the menu to the nutrition recommendations in the system. When you plan food based on know-how and accuracy, and not on gut feeling, the cooks can just focus on adjusting flavors in place for the nutritionally balanced meals.

Decent Work And Responsible Consumption Also In Food Production

In addition to climate aspects, food production is an important factor related to human rights. The objective of the Fairtrade International is that farmers also in developing countries have possibilities for decent livelihood, and more control over their lives and their future.

Decreasing food waste is one example of responsible consumption that all of us can participate in. According to the report of the UN environmental program UNEP, approximately 17 per cent of all produced food goes to waste. In addition, the amount of food waste in households is likely to be larger than what has been estimated earlier. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System helps professional kitchens to decrease the amount of food waste. When consumption of the meals is documented in the system, you can utilize the information in production planning. This way you won´t be preparing too much food just to be safe.

Climate Actions In The Water And On The Ground

About one fifth of the human-caused climate emissions is related to food production. Methane that warms climate is released in the air for example from the ruminant livestock and rice farming. According to UNEP, food waste alone is responsible for about 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions of the world. Life in the oceans is threatened by overfishing and climate warming, but also because of the eutrophication of coastal waters. Eutrophication is largely caused by fertilizers that leak in the water from the farming fields. So food production really is a climate change matter.

Water sources are limited, and one important environmental aspect is paying attention to water usage in agriculture. Forests are also disappearing rapidly, partly because of the soy and oil palm plantations. Demanding sustainable production modes for the products we purchase is an efficient way to have an impact. In addition to climate emissions, also the water footprint and land use are important tools when evaluating the environmental impacts of food production.

Cooperation And Partnership

To reach the goals of sustainable development, we need adequate amount of good quality data about our progress in different sectors. We need to cooperate as equal partners for our common earth to achieve these goals. With JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System leading with knowledge easily becomes part of the everyday practice.

JAMIX Assists In Reaching The Sustainable Development Goals In Food Production

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System helps to bring different parts of food production visible. For instance, you can require food suppliers to fulfill certain criteria. You can also communicate these qualifications to your customers. Such as the Fairtrade mark, the Heart-Check mark, or the Fisheries Certificate of Origin.

Food production can work as a pendulum for both directions. At its worse, food production can trample human rights and escalate the climate warming and biodiversity loss. But at its best, food production can even help to fix existing damages, for example through carbon farming and the Fairtrade.

Is there still somebody thinking that it is ONLY about food production.