Save Money, Ensure Quality, Develop Business with JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

Save Money, Ensure Quality, And Develop Business With A Kitchen System

A comprehensive kitchen system supports food service operations diversely both in planning and in production. System saves time and money, and improves profitability. With a system it is easier to maintain coherent quality. In addition, with versatile reports it is easy to monitor operations and develop them.


Time Is Money In Food Service Operations, As Well

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System saves time in the kitchen, as all information is systematically in one place and always up-to-date. Thanks to cloud service, information is also easy to access regardless of place, or  device you are using. The system saves time in the kitchen as it imports information electronically into the system, and exports it from the system. In addition, the system saves time as it takes care of all the calculations you need. When you need less time for office chores related to preparing food, you will need less resources for them and you will save money. However, cost savings from the system are not limited to time savings, and benefits are not limited to cost savings.


Profitability With Appropriate Margin And Inventory, And Minimal Food Waste

With JAMIX System you will not need to guess the profitability of your recipes. The system will automatically calculate costs for recipes and menus based on ingredient prices. In a similar way, the system will calculate margins based on your sales price. You can easily adjust the margin to a desired level by editing either the sales price or the recipe.

If you have surplus ingredients in the inventory, they tie money for no reason. In addition, there is a risk that those ingredients get outdated and end up in wastage. When you order ingredients just according to need, money won’t be tied in surplus inventory, and money won’t be wasted along with food waste. JAMIX System makes it easy for you to order ingredients according to need, as it calculates a shopping list based on your menu. With the system you can easily monitor the amount of ingredients in the inventory, as well.

In addition to inventory, food waste can be generated in production. Or there can be leftovers from the service line, or from the customers’ plates. All food ending up in wastage equals to money wasted. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System helps in reducing food waste throughout the process. Accurate production quantities based on the amount of diners help reduce food waste both in production and in service. When you monitor customers’ leftovers you can adjust portion sizes to better match consumption, or you can adjust the content of the menu to better match customer preferences.


Accurate Information Ensures Coherent Quality And Food Safety

Coherent food quality is an important factor in keeping up customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In JAMIX System you can easily scale recipes according to the amount to be prepared. This way the quality of food stays coherent regardless of the amount you are preparing. In addition to ingredients, you can register detailed instructions and methods in the system, as well as pictures of different steps and the finished dish. This ensures that the quality of food stays coherent regardless of who is preparing it.

All in all information in the system is accurate and precise, which minimizes the risk for errors. The system holds ingredient lists, allergens, and nutrition facts – so information related to food safety is easy to access. You can register traceability information related to ingredients in the system, as well.


Develop Your Business With Data And Promote Sustainability

With JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System you can easily monitor key figures of your operation: Margins, purchases, sales, wastage, and inventory balance. Based on accurate information it is easier to plan, adjust, and develop future operations. With JAMIX System you can also easily collect customer feedback and develop you operations to better match your customers’ needs.

Today sustainability is undoubtedly included in some form in the agenda of all organizations. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System helps kitchens operate in a sustainable manner. It helps in reducing food waste already starting from the planning phase. In addition, with JAMIX CO2 Calculator you can consider the carbon footprint of food already when planning your recipes and menus.


Tidiness and order in stations and storage form one of the corner stones for running kitchen operations smoothly. For a smooth-running kitchen you also need to have data that is in order and easy to access. A comprehensive kitchen system keeps all data related to the kitchen’s core operations in order, and automatically takes care of calculations. In addition, a system transfers information both inside the organization, and to/from external operators. Work in the kitchen runs easier, faster and more efficiently with a system. It brings numerous benefits to any food service operation, large or small.

Save Time with JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

Save Time In Restaurant Kitchen By Letting A System Do All The Maths

There are many types of calculations related to commercial kitchen operations, and doing calculations manually takes a lot of time. In addition, there is always a risk for errors when calculating things manually. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System automatically takes care of all essential calculations for the kitchen. Information is linked within the system which minimizes the risk for false or incomplete information. In addition, thanks to linkages you don’t have to register the same information in many places.


Many Types Of Calculations Related To Recipes

Once you have created a recipe in the system, it will be easy to scale it to any amount of portions as the system automatically calculates the quantities for ingredients according to the new value. If needed, you can easily change the portion size, as well. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System automatically calculates also the costs for recipes based on ingredient prices in the system. If you set a sales price to the recipe, the system will calculate the margin for the recipe.

In many food service operations the nutritional information of food is important, as well. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System automatically calculates nutrition facts for recipes based on nutritive values in the system. JAMIX also calculates the carbon footprint for recipes if you have added CO2 values for ingredients in the system.


System Calculates The Need For Ingredients, And The Amount Of Food To Be Prepared

Utilizing your recipes in the system, you can easily create menus in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. Linkages ensure that all essential information follows along. As for single recipes, the system calculates costs, margins, nutrition facts, and carbon footprint for menus. You can easily compare the nutritive content of your menu to nutritional recommendations.

Amounts of portions and portion sizes are easy to update in the menu. The system automatically calculates the need for ingredients for recipes on the menu based on the new values. You can utilize the shopping list directly when making orders. You will get all the needed information – recipes and ingredients – from the menu for production, as well.

If you need to take earlier prepared food into account – salad dressing, for example – the system will take care of calculating the quantity you need to prepare. The unique Food Bank functionality in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System automatically calculates how much you need to prepare a certain food in addition to the amount you have in store.

System makes work easier also for commissary kitchens by automatically calculating all requisitions together. The commissary will easily get information on the recipes to be prepared.


System Keeps You Updated On Ingredients In The Inventory

When you utilize inventory management features in JAMIX System, you will stay up to date with ingredients in the inventory including their value. The system automatically calculates inventory balances for ingredients based on deliveries and withdrawals registered in the system. The system also calculates the inventory value based on inventory balance and price information.


Accurate Calculations Save Money And Environment, As Well

In addition to time savings, accurate calculations in the system save money and environment. With margin calculations it is easy to adjust your sales prices to a profitable level. And if you cannot increase the sales price, with the system it is easy to adjust the recipe and find a suitable cost level. When you order ingredients just according to your need, money won’t be tied in the inventory. In addition, there won’t be items expiring on the shelves, and ending up in wastage. And, when you prepare food just according to need, you can minimize wastage of prepared food which saves both money and the environment.

Culinary Team Hungry Planet

JAMIX Provides Hungry Planet Comprehensive Tools For Managing Recipes

In the picture: Hungry Planet Culinary Team

Hungry PlanetSt Louis based Hungry Planet has been using JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System since 2020 for managing their recipes and culinary database. Hungry Planet makes a full range of chef-crafted plant-based meats that are a one to one substitution for conventional meats in any dish across every protein. Hungry Planet is in thousands of venues across the U.S., Australia and Singapore including fine dining, fast casual, university, hospital, retail, grocery, and deli. In addition they have helped provide over 1 million Hungry Planet meals to public K-12. The JAMIX System provides the Hungry Planet Culinary Team easy access to recipes with all essential information related to them. With a built-in carbon footprint calculator, the system also helps in selecting ingredients that are best for the environment.

JAMIX Is The Central Database For Hundreds Of Recipes

Hungry Planet Crab™️ Rangoon Crisps”Jamix plays a central role for the Hungry Planet Culinary Team. It is the central database for hundreds of recipes – and is growing weekly. In addition to the recipe database, our Culinary Team uses Jamix to create menus, shopping lists, and to monitor the carbon footprint of our recipes”, says Chief Culinary Officer Ron DeSantis. The whole Hungry Planet Culinary Team uses the system, and each team member has a personal working folder. Individual working folders keep individual chef’s recipes private, but also enables them to share with other users. At Hungry Planet, Culinary Team members develop new recipes in personal working folders, and when all R&D is completed those recipes are added to the shared folder.

System Enables Versatile Utilization Of Recipes

Hungry Planet Pork™️ Barbecue Burnt EndsJAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System provides the Hungry Planet Culinary Team easy access to verified recipes. ”Monitoring nutritional information and carbon footprint is easy as the system automatically calculates them for recipes. The system also includes photos of finished dishes and also step-by-step photos”, says Chef Ron DeSantis, listing the benefits of the system.”Our chefs can easily scale recipes for consumers and also for foodservice operators.”

”Operationally we are different from foodservice operators who are serving meals daily. Our use is primarily recipe testing for all areas of the food industry – consumer and foodservice. Having all information in one database allows our culinary team to compare results to other recipes, use recipes as sub-recipes, share ingredients, adjust ingredient quantities to create nutritionally acceptable recipes, and many other solves”, Chef Ron explains.

The Future Is About Sustainability And Systems Help In Pursuing That

Chef Ron DeSantis

Chef Ron DeSantis

”Hungry Planet’s mission is to bend the curve on personal and planetary health with the only full range of delicious, nourishing, plant-based meats. You can see that sustainability is in our DNA”, says Chef Ron.”Improving planetary health means total commitment to sustainable agriculture. Plant-forward food is clearly an answer to many sustainability efforts all over the world. We use Jamix’s carbon footprint feature as a reminder to select ingredients that are best for the environment.”

Chef Ron is optimistic about the future, and sees systems as beneficial tools in pursuing sustainability: ”The future is ours to create. We believe there’s a hunger inside us all. When passion for the delicious meets an appetite for a just world, there’s an opportunity to change things for the better. Systems like Jamix will allow us to monitor our impact and make the necessary changes to create healthy and sustainable food.”

JAMIX System Keeps Procurement And Requisitions In Order In Mikkeli Food Services

Mikkeli is a city located in eastern Finland with nearly 53,000 inhabitants. The city provides food services mainly in schools and kindergartens (K-12). There are 42 kitchens serving 8,000 meals daily. Mikkeli has been using JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System for managing their food services since 2007. Since the beginning they have used the system extensively: For managing recipes, menus, inventory, procurement, and requisitions. In addition to this, the system is used for internal operational calculations.


Mikkeli Food Services Uses The System Comprehensively

Mikkeli has created shared recipes in the system, and the production kitchens use them in the daily work. They get shopping lists based on menus from the system, and take care of orders and deliveries with it. In addition they manage requisitions and billing with JAMIX, and take reports, lists Production Planner Marja Jussi-Pekka.

The usage of JAMIX System is not limited to production kitchens, as the service kitchens use it for requisitions. In addition to kitchens, the administration uses the system to support their operations. The financial key performance indicators in Mikkeli food services are based on internal operational calculations. JAMIX System provides the tools to register and monitor operative performance and costs. Menu planning together with versatile reports are also important tools in leading food production.


Contract Products Run In The System Reliably And Easily Into Menus And Orders

Mikkeli is a part of a food services procurement pool in the Mikkeli region. Contract products are linked to recipes in the JAMIX System. This way the contract products run reliably through the entire food production process. ”This is a really big benefit, as we can allocate procurement into just the right products”, Jussi-Pekka points out.

At present different suppliers have a huge product assortment. If you would not manage procurement with a kitchen system, purchases would easily start spreading around as the kitchens would order items of their choice from any suppliers. Mikkeli food services have worked systematically so that each production kitchen has the right products linked to recipes and orders. Large production kitchens use contract products of the procurement pool, and smaller kitchens follow their own contracts. For example, the kitchens might order the same bread from different suppliers depending on their contract.


JAMIX System Is A Priceless Tool In All Areas Of Food Production

The biggest benefit of the system for Mikkeli food services comes from requisitions management, tells Marja Jussi-Pekka. The service kitchens make requisitions to the commissary kitchens through the system. The system provides delivery and packing lists according to orders for the commissary. Different types of production sheets, as well as diet labels are quick to print from the system. Mikkeli food services cook and deliver 200-400 diet meals daily. The diet meals alone would keep one employee busy, if all information should be registerd manually. ”I truly don’t know what we would do, if we would lose this feature”, Marja laughs.

”If we would do everything I mentioned manually – write menus by hand, and send them in between kitchens, or call orders to the suppliers by phone… Without up-to-date price information we get from the system, we wouldn’t be able to think of the meal costs when planning menus as we do now. And I couldn’t even imagine how we would manage orders from service kitchens without a system. Not to talk about calculating manually the amounts of food to be prepared based on orders. At least the amount of errors would grow”, Marja Jussi-Pekka reflects.


JAMIX Does Not Leave The Customer Alone

Mikkeli food services started the deployment of JAMIX Kitchen System in 2007 with getting computers into all kitchens, and learning how to use them. Only after that they started the actual training sessions for the JAMIX System. The deployment went well, as the staff was motivated and excited about the system. They were also committed to the new way of working. JAMIX System has developed over the years, and training sessions have been arranged whenever needed. For regional training sessions Mikkeli has asked a trainer from JAMIX. The admin user of Mikkeli has taken care of training sessions within own organization, for example for new employees.

Mikkeli food services uses JAMIX Admin Services, that takes care of admin tasks in JAMIX system. To manage the system comprehensively, Mikkeli would need to hire one person to do that. From financial, as well as from HR perspective it is more convenient to handle it with JAMIX Admin Services, tells Marja Jussi-Pekka. An external admin user also sees the system in a different way compared to a person that has used the system for years. Managing information is professional, and the systematic approach shows for example in managing basic data – compared to a situation, where several users would create groupings in the system, and would name items according to their own need or logic.

A big plus is also immediate support. ”A person you know answers the phone in the Admin Services, and you always get help.” Especially when there are more complex issues it is a big benefit that the Admin Services sorts them out and provides the finished answer to the customer. We contact JAMIX Helpdesk when needed, as well.


Kitchen Management Systems Are A Prerequisite For Operations In The Future

Systems include a risk for vulnerability but without these systems we could not operate at all, Marja Jussi-Pekka points out. Cloud services and web based systems aim at tackling the vulnerability challenge, so that technical interruptions could be minimized. IT skills are required of the staff in the food services already now. The customers require this, as well. So everyone has to be able to use a kitchen management system at least to some point. This requires a lot from the managers, as well. They need to ensure the skills for everybody, now and in the future, Marja points out.


IT Architecture Is Worthwhile When Deploying A Kitchen System

Marja’s tip to a new JAMIX customer is, that before deployment you should think carefully what you want from the system. In addition, you need to think which functions you will use, and how you will use them. You need to consider the resources you have, both with regards time and personnel, and define responsibilities for management. You should also plan well appropriate user levels for different user groups, and decide who manages your database. ”When you use the system, you need to remember that everything has effect on everything. If you change something in the basic data, you need to think where that change will affect BEFORE making it”, Marja points out.


”Co-operation with JAMIX has always worked well for us. JAMIX is a good partner, as they listen to the customer’s wishes, as well”, Marja concludes.

Sustainable Kitchen - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

JAMIX’s New Green Appearance Communicates Sustainability Promoting Features In The System

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System supports sustainability in the kitchen diversely, starting from the planning phase. JAMIX CO2 Calculator provides information on the carbon footprint of food. In addition, the comprehensive system includes versatile tools for reducing food waste. Reducing waste will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your kitchen. And it will save money.

The previously mentioned features have been in the JAMIX System already before. Along with our new green appearance and our Sustainable Kitchen symbol we want to bring these sustainability promoting features forward in a more distinct way.

The Environmental Effect Of Food Is Significant

The environmental effect of food is approximately as big as of traffic. Or as big as of water and energy consumption in households. The biggest part of the environmental effect of food comes from ingredients. Animal based foods have in average a bigger environmental effect than vegetable based foods. The problem with food thrown away is not so much the waste generated. The problem is the environmental effect that has been generated for nothing when producing that food.

JAMIX Reduces The Carbon Footprint Of Your Kitchen

Sustainable Kitchen In JAMIX Blog

Sustainability has been a theme in JAMIX Blog already for several years. You can find the articles related to this theme under the category named Sustainable Kitchen and Food Sustainability.

Folkhälsan uses JAMIX System for nutritional monitoring

Folkhälsan Uses JAMIX System For Nutritional Monitoring – ”Lots Of Benefits With Little Effort”

Folkhälsan is a Finnish non-profit organization operating in the field of social and health services, including housing and services for the elderly. Folkhälsan has been using the JAMIX System for managing their food services since 2019. Nutrition is an important part of good care for the residents, and Restaurant Manager Ann-Catrine Edfelt uses the system diversely for nutritional monitoring of the residents. The Folkhälsan houses in the Ostrobothnia region want to notice the residents individually: ”Everyone takes care of the residents like they were their own grandparents”, Ann-Catrine smiles.

JAMIX Provides Big Help In Nutritional Monitoring

Folkhälsan’s round-the-clock institutional care units in the Ostrobothnia region perform nutritional monitoring for each resident on a yearly basis. In addition to the yearly monitoring there is a low barrier for taking action. If, for example a resident has lost weight, or if there is some other reason which indicates that the nutritional supply of the resident should be monitored in more detail.

When needed, the food services create individual recipes with JAMIX for the resident for a couple of days. This provides big help both for the care workers and for the resident, as well as for the resident’s family. The system provides accurate calculations for the nutritional supply immediately. When you know precisely how much a certain meal contains protein or energy, no one needs to worry.

In the Folkhälsan house of Mustasaari they added the amount of protein systematically into the meals of all residents. This was after they noticed from the nutritional calculations that the amount of protein was below recommendations at times. Protein supplement was added into bread dough, for example. Now all the residents get at least 18 % of their daily energy from protein. Many residents have gained weight, and the general condition has been improved, Edfelt tells with content.

Co-operation Builds Well-being For The Residents

Folkhälsan uses JAMIX System for nutritional monitoringAnn-Catrine praises the open and natural co-operation with the care workers. This is a huge benefit when taking care of the well-being of the residents. When a new resident moves into the Folkhälsan houses in the Ostrobothnia region, they have an interview where they also ask about the resident’s favorite dishes. The food services try to take these wishes into account as well as possible. The food served has a big impact on the well-being of the residents. Serving your favorite dishes can even help in settling into a new place. This was the case with one resident when the kitchen pampered him with his favorite dessert.

The food services try to take the individual eating habits of the residents into consideration in other aspects, as well. The eating preferences tend to be different in the town area of Vaasa compared to the rural area of Mustasaari. Serving familiar dishes brings back good memories, and it provides topics for conversation for the residents with memory disorders. ”It is delightful when residents can keep their identity as diners until the end of their lives. As long as a resident is able to make wishes, I will try to fulfill them”, tells Ann-Catrine.

JAMIX Provides Accuracy To Nutritional Calculations And Costing

The Folkhälsan houses in Ostrobothnia currently use JAMIX mainly for nutritional monitoring. The system provides huge help in that. ”The thought, that you should do nutritional monitoring with manual calculations is from another planet”, says Ann-Catrine. Along with nutritional monitoring you notice right away if you need to make changes in the recipes. Often little things come up in monitoring. You don’t necessarily notice them in the daily work but you do in the calculations.

In addition to the nutritional issues also the cost aspect is easy to notice when you work on the recipes in the system. Small daily savings accumulate some more money for the end of the year, for example for Christmas meals, Ann-Catrine points out. In the future the chefs will start using the system, as well, so that they can get the recipes directly from JAMIX.

Web-based System Is Easy To Use And Always At Hand

Ann-Catrin thinks that deploying the system was easy. She was unable to go to Helsinki for the training session, but she attended to it remotely from Ostrobothnia. A trainer from JAMIX had guided Ann-Catrine into nutritional calculations already before the training. ”The homework was of big help, as you could try the functionalities in the system by yourself.” Using the system is really easy. You just need to roll your sleeves, be brave and start working.

Ann-Catrine has used the JAMIX system also with a smartphone. ”In one training session we needed to check some things from the system quickly. There was no computer at hand, so I opened the system in the phone. Remembering the password was the most difficult thing, and the important figures were quickly checked.” The chefs in the kitchens might also face situations, where the computer is not at hand or open, but they always have a phone within reach. This way the web-based JAMIX system goes seamlessly together with the daily work of the kitchen.

”Even If You Don’t Always Know Everything, JAMIX Will Provide An Answer”

When we ask Ann-Catrin about co-operation and customer service, she laughs: ”Well that is the wonderful part. You always get an answer, and usually very quickly.” Ann-Catrin says she has also gotten advice on how you could do things differently so that the system works in the desired way. ”It is so safe. Even if you don’t always know everything, JAMIX will provide you an answer.”

Along with the deployment Ann-Catrin remembers to have been surprised when she was asked about wishes concerning the system. ”I appreciated that JAMIX contacted me and asked me what I want.” Even if the system would not include some specific features, many needs can be fulfilled when you creatively think of alternative ways with the JAMIX experts. At the end of the day these are the little things that mean that they listen to you.

Key Words In The Future: Leading With Knowledge And Living In The Moment

Ann-Catrin believes that the use of systems will increase especially in the care industry. Monitoring will be needed more than before, and leading with knowledge will become a routine in the food services, as well. ”The need for information will increase, and the systems can answer to that need.” The customers want to know that the children will get proper food in kindergartens and schools, or that everything is ok with granny in the senior home. As the number of different trend diets increase, it is easy to check from the system that they comply with the nutritional recommendations.

Ann-Catrine wants to believe that once the exceptional times are over, living in the moment will be emphasized, and we will more often take notice of little things like enjoyment of daily meals. Maybe we will appreciate our loved ones more, when after a long time we will be able to meet them and touch them. ”We could take those grandmas and grandpas for lunch or cup of coffee once a week”, Ann-Catrin suggests. Fifteen minutes a week is not that much, but the meaning of a shared meal is still so big to all of us.

Ann-Catrine encourages new JAMIX customers to bravely start using the system. ”You get lots of benefits with little effort!”

JAMIX System Is The Guiding Thread For The Kitchen Operations In Laitila

JAMIX System Is The Guiding Thread For The Kitchen Operations In Laitila

LaitilaLaitila food services have been using JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System since the late 1990’s for managing their kitchen operations. Laitila is a town of 8,500 people in southern Finland. It provides food services in schools, kindergartens, and health care facilities. Deploying the web-based JAMIX System recently has boosted the utilization of the system. Along with that the system has provided even more benefits for the food services – both from the economical aspect, as well as through the daily practices.

Web-based JAMIX Provided Motivation For Using The System More

Determination together with the web-based JAMIX System has made things happen. ”All in all it is about the attitude, do you want this or not. We understand the benefits we get from the JAMIX System. That is what pushes us forward”, tells Kitchen Manager Juha Laiho. Food Service Worker Salla Kuoppa-Tiittanen continues: ”We had this enthusiasm towards the web-based system. You can use it on a tablet, as well.”

Juha and Salla are the admin users of the JAMIX System. In addition to them, the chefs use the system in their daily work. Along with trainings and using the system everybody has a positive attitude towards it. Laitila food services publishes their menus online directly from the system with the JAMIX MENU Service. This way the JAMIX System reaches the end-customers, as well.

”JAMIX is the guiding thread for our kitchen operations”

Both administrative users recognize lots of benefits from using the system. ”JAMIX provides us financial guidelines for operations. We can see in the system, how we have spent our money. Through optimizing portion sizes, for example, we are able to allocate the money where we want it to be”, says Juha. Salla continues: ”With JAMIX we have been able to keep our budget. On the other hand we have been able to make savings, which we’ve been able to use for something special. For example, we were able to invest more into the Christmas lunch.”

The system provides tools for forecasting sales, and it is easy to make changes for the recipes, if needed. The system provides a huge benefit also for calculating the order quantities: ”I cook for more than 1,000 people. If I was to think the quantities for minced meat and potatoes by myself, it would just be terrible. JAMIX makes ordering so much easier. We order the quantity that is on the recipe”, tells Salla providing an example from real life. Orders that are the right size help in inventory management. ”We have nothing unnecessary here, so it easy to keep the inventory in order”, Juha explains.

The operations run smoothly and accurately thanks to the system: ”I weigh ingredients according to the recipe, and I know that the portion sizes and the amount of portions will be enough. No need for guessing”, Salla points out. ”Now that we fine tune our recipes, the portion size will be in place. We order and cook according to that. It has been great to notice along the way, that wastage is nonexistent.”

Juha emphasizes the importance of waste monitoring, as well, and brings up other information management: ”JAMIX has the information you need for food safety. The items include information on prices and nutritive content.” The system and the information it includes provide support for new employees, as well. ”It is also an investment for the future, and not only for us who are working here now”, says Juha.

JAMIX MENU Application Promotes Transparency Towards The Customers

Laitila food services publish their menus online with the JAMIX MENU Service. ”With the MENU Service we can communicate the content of the food we serve. Transparency is our goal, and we work for it”, Juha explains. You can communicate also information on special diets through the JAMIX MENU Service: ”There are customers with special diets, and we have instructed them to find information in the JAMIX MENU application. We aim at having all that information in there”, Salla specifies.

Laitila food services actively promote the JAMIX MENU Service so that customers would start using the application. ”I founded a food committee, and we have students from different schools participating. I took Jamix to the committee, as well, and now the students promote the application forward. It was also rewarding, that one teacher came to tell us, that she had started to use the JAMIX MENU application once it was available, and that she was very pleased with it”, tells Juha. In the future, the online menu will be added into the section ”What are we having in school today”, in the website of Laitila.

Systems Will Play A Big Role In The Kitchen In The Future, As Well

Salla and Juha are concerned about the small number of younger people in the industry. At this moment also external threats, like the Covid-19, raises a concern. On the other hand Juha sees that a system helps to reduce possible threats related to the origin of food, for example: ”The transparency the JAMIX MENU service provides us. You can see what our food is made of. You have all the information there.”

Even if people will physically cook the food also in the future, the role of systems will grow in the future. ”The industry will be faster. The systems you have known at one point, won’t necessarily be the same in the future”, Salla predicts.

Experiences About Deployment And Co-operation With JAMIX

Even if Laitila had used the JAMIX System for a long time, they moved to the web-based system through a deployment project. ”I thought it would be a hard work, and that it would take a lot of time to even update our recipes. Now that I think back on it, it wasn’t that huge once we started to work on it”, Salla recalls. Juha continues: ”The motivation was so strong. This is truly a good system now.”

Juha underlines the importance of training when deploying the system: ”It has a huge significance how you get the people involved, and how you sell the idea to them. Support in the start is such a big thing.” Salla points out, that it is important to start using the system right after the training: ”You are bound to forget the things, if you don’t start using the system right away.”

Both Kitchen Managers are pleased with the co-operation with JAMIX.

Tips For A New JAMIX Customer

”You need to budget time and money for deploying JAMIX. We manage JAMIX along with work, so it is not impossible if you don’t have a person to do it. Still, managing the system requires time and persistence”, Juha points out. ”The system cannot help you if you don’t put your information in it. And the information should be accurate and correct from the start. Once you have the information in the system you will benefit from it in the future. You will get faster with the system as you use it, so you will need less and less time for doing it. And then you will get recipes and all other information out of it. Still, this will not be completed at any point, you need to work continuously”, Salla advises.

Juha points out the results you get for the work invested in the system: ”When you have patience to do things thoroughly, it will reward you, and we have experienced that. We have praised JAMIX weekly. So it does require time and money, but it will pay it back. We generate a minimal amount of food waste.”

food production sustainable development - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

Food Production As A Part Of Sustainable Development

By Matleena Autio

The objective of sustainable development is to ensure that the future generations have at least similar possibilities for growth and development, that we have now. If we want to achieve this objective, environmental and humanity issues should be taken into account in all actions and decision making, in addition to financial aspects.

Finding and utilizing sustainable modes of production play a key role, when you think of food production as part of sustainable development. All of us can effect with our purchase decisions. Especially when the producers or service providers inform us openly about the modes of production.

Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations´ Sustainable Development Goals aim to end poverty in all its forms. The goals also support development, that cares for our common environment. Food production and good nutrition are connected naturally in almost all of these goals.

No Poverty, Zero Hunger

In addition to lack of money poverty also means, for example, malnutrition, low level of health, and insufficient opportunities to study. Livelihood of many people is often somehow associated to food production. One important factor in decreasing poverty is to ensure adequate livelihood for everyone, from primary production to services.

Food security is a fundamental right for all people. Food security actualizes when everyone of us has access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets the dietary needs for an active and healthy life. According to Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE) there could already be enough safe food for everybody, if we could get every part of the food production chain to work perfectly. The baseline of course is that no food goes to waste in any part of the food production chain. So, in addition to environmental aspects, decreasing food waste is important because of food security.

Health, Well-being, And Education Possibilities With Sustainable Food Production

Good nutrition is an important factor for health and well-being. In addition to nutritional deficiencies, malnutrition is a risk factor for many non-communicable diseases. And it can also have an impact on studies. It is difficult to concentrate on studying if you are hungry. So malnutrition can endanger the school performance. School feeding programs are an effective way to support the goal of good education also in lower income countries.

With JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System you can easily ensure the nutritional quality of the meals you serve. In the system you can compare the nutritional values of the menu to the nutrition recommendations in the system. When you plan food based on know-how and accuracy, and not on gut feeling, the cooks can just focus on adjusting flavors in place for the nutritionally balanced meals.

Decent Work And Responsible Consumption Also In Food Production

In addition to climate aspects, food production is an important factor related to human rights. The objective of the Fairtrade International is that farmers also in developing countries have possibilities for decent livelihood, and more control over their lives and their future.

Decreasing food waste is one example of responsible consumption that all of us can participate in. According to the report of the UN environmental program UNEP, approximately 17 per cent of all produced food goes to waste. In addition, the amount of food waste in households is likely to be larger than what has been estimated earlier. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System helps professional kitchens to decrease the amount of food waste. When consumption of the meals is documented in the system, you can utilize the information in production planning. This way you won´t be preparing too much food just to be safe.

Climate Actions In The Water And On The Ground

About one fifth of the human-caused climate emissions is related to food production. Methane that warms climate is released in the air for example from the ruminant livestock and rice farming. According to UNEP, food waste alone is responsible for about 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions of the world. Life in the oceans is threatened by overfishing and climate warming, but also because of the eutrophication of coastal waters. Eutrophication is largely caused by fertilizers that leak in the water from the farming fields. So food production really is a climate change matter.

Water sources are limited, and one important environmental aspect is paying attention to water usage in agriculture. Forests are also disappearing rapidly, partly because of the soy and oil palm plantations. Demanding sustainable production modes for the products we purchase is an efficient way to have an impact. In addition to climate emissions, also the water footprint and land use are important tools when evaluating the environmental impacts of food production.

Cooperation And Partnership

To reach the goals of sustainable development, we need adequate amount of good quality data about our progress in different sectors. We need to cooperate as equal partners for our common earth to achieve these goals. With JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System leading with knowledge easily becomes part of the everyday practice.

JAMIX Assists In Reaching The Sustainable Development Goals In Food Production

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System helps to bring different parts of food production visible. For instance, you can require food suppliers to fulfill certain criteria. You can also communicate these qualifications to your customers. Such as the Fairtrade mark, the Heart-Check mark, or the Fisheries Certificate of Origin.

Food production can work as a pendulum for both directions. At its worse, food production can trample human rights and escalate the climate warming and biodiversity loss. But at its best, food production can even help to fix existing damages, for example through carbon farming and the Fairtrade.

Is there still somebody thinking that it is ONLY about food production.

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

Information Management Is A Core Benefit Of The Kitchen System For Antell

AntellAntell is a company known in Finland especially for its corporate dining services. Antell has been using JAMIX systems since 1998, and they utilize the system diversely. ”The system admins use both Food and Stock modules covering recipes, menus, and inventory. This year we have started to use BI Reports and Carbon Footprint Calculator included in the system”, tells Antell’s Development Manager Tanja Valtonen. Antell has around 100 restaurants in Finland. In addition to restaurants, Antell product development uses JAMIX System, as well.


”Data Is Easy To Present With JAMIX System”

For long JAMIX System was managed along with other work at Antell. Now they want to actively take the use of the system forward. The company has hired a person who is in charge of especially JAMIX System.

”The general digitalization drives development forward. In addition, the food legislation requires actions which are fluent to present with JAMIX System”, explains Tanja Valtonen as background for using the system. ”Special diets, allergens, and nutritive data are easy to present through the system. This helps to ensure food safety in its part.”

The consumer interest and knowledge of food has increased. It comes through also in the consumer expectations and demands. ”Managing recipes with the system helps you in quality control, as well. It is a tool for maintaining consistent quality.”

”Naturally the cost perspective has also influenced in our will to invest resources in using the system”, tells Valtonen. For example, it is easier to understand the costs for restaurant operations, when you get compiled information from the system. During 2021 Antell plans to start making orders to the suppliers directly from JAMIX System.


The System Provides Information To All Users

For you to be able to use the system fluently naturally requires basic skills on information technology, Valtonen points out. When you use the system regularly and actively, you’ll get familiar with the logic of the system, and you will be able to use it faster.

Through the system you will get data behind the restaurant operations. The information is safe in the system, and you can easily find it when needed. One concrete example is that you can move from hand written journals to the digital world. Also, you will no longer need to scan instructions on paper and send them to restaurants, as sharing information is easy. ”In addition, with the system I can easily monitor, what goes on in different sites in the field”, describes Tanja Valtonen the benefits of the system.


JAMIX Support Services Widely In Use

”In challenging situations we have always gotten the help needed from JAMIX helpdesk, and maybe even more.” Antell has around 100 restaurants in Finland. Training the system to a bigger crowd remotely is challenging, so Antell prefers on site training sessions whenever possible. ”When we will start the deployment of the Stock module, we need to plan the training sessions carefully”, says Valtonen. The idea is to split the sessions in smaller sections, which makes it easier for users of different skill levels to get along.

Antell has utilized JAMIX Admin Services for database management. Outsourcing administrative work makes it quicker to get non-recurring tasks finished. This saves time for tasks, which you cannot outsource, and which are quicker to do with your own resources. According to Tanja Valtonen the co-operation related to JAMIX Admin Services has been smooth, and JAMIX has carried out the tasks as agreed.


The Role Of IT Systems Will Be Big In The Future Of Food Services

Digitalization will continue to go forward in the restaurant business, and you need to have all information quickly available. Consumers want information on the origin of food, the content of food, and the environmental effect. ”Consumers talk about food, and knowledge is a growing trend. Operators will have to be able to answer to that.”

”The role of IT Systems will be distinctly big in the future. The generation that has grown into using systems, cannot live without them.” The user rights management has big significance, as well, as many pieces of information you need every day are behind individual users, reminds Valtonen.


Tips From Experienced User To A New JAMIX Customer

”When acquiring the system you need to clarify your needs first. What is it, that you intend to use the system for in your operations. After this you need to make sure, that you have reserved enough resources for using the system”, advises Tanja Valtonen.

No system runs on its own. Running operations fluently requires a person, who gets acquainted with the system and has time to work and communicate with it, knows Valtonen. ”The business requires both ways. If the customer is not responsive to the new features in the system, they won’t be built by themselves as a part of their operation.”

Omnia Services Manager Tarja Hämäläinen, Food Services Coordinator Timo Martin

Shared Recipes And Procedures Lead The Everyday Work In Omnia’s Kitchens

In the picture: Omnia Food Services Manager Tarja Hämäläinen, Food Services Coordinator Timo Martin

Omnia, The Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region in Finland, has been using the JAMIX systems since 2003. In the beginning JAMIX was used for teaching in the classes for the Restaurant and Catering Services. The food services of the school, offering vocational education in several areas, followed along in 2006. The education department and the food services utilized the system for long as separate units with their own databases. In 2019 the databases were combined, and Omnia extended the use of the system with new features. At this point it was reasonable to continue to use the system from square one, so they kicked off a deployment project.


The System Is Diversely A Part Of The Everyday Life In The Kitchen

In Omnia, the administrators create a shared menu, which the kitchen managers then utilize in their kitchens. They edit their own portion amounts and portion sizes into it, and print recipes for the staff. ”When you have multilingual and international staff in the kitchen, it is important that the managers take responsibility of leading. It is also important to have shared recipes and joint procedures.”, tells Tarja Hämäläinen, Omnia Food Services Manager, and continues: ”This way it is easy to rotate tasks and arrange replacements in the everyday work environment.”

Omnia already actively utilizes the JAMIX MENU Service, which enables them to publish the menus online directly from the system. Each kitchen in Omnia Food Services publishes their own e menu. Once the kitchens get used to the e menu publishing, Omnia plans to extend the JAMIX MENU Service with the Customer Feedback feature.

Along with the combining of the databases and the deployment project, Omnia added the JAMIX CO2 Calculator in their system. It automatically calculates the carbon footprint for the recipes and the meals in the system. Monitoring the carbon footprint of food is an everyday thing in the production kitchens. Omnia has seen the interest in this subject also in the feedback from the students.


The System Brings Many Benefits

The JAMIX System has clarified the work of the tutoring managers in Omnia, which according to Tarja is a great help. You can create the menus in one go into the system, and it is easy to edit the recipes. As the information is in one place, you can easily check the detailed information, such as the nutritional data and the allergens. ”The time savings have multiplied compared to the past. Luckily we allocated resources into this also along with the deployment.”, says Tarja.


Support For Deployment From Jamix

In the beginning of the deployment project there was a lot to think about, including the evaluation of the content generation with regards own operations. Existing information including the recipes needed to be reviewed, and nutritional data was updated.

According to Tarja, utilizing JAMIX Training was important to both the tutoring managers and to herself. It made it easier to implement the system with the kitchen managers. The JAMIX Support Services and the Training was good, and Omnia had several meetings with JAMIX during the deployment. The project was moved forward step by step.

Tarja acknowledges JAMIX for customer oriented approach: ”They have listened well, what the customer wants or needs.”


The Everyday Work Does Not Run In The Kitchen Without A System Anymore

The future in the kitchen without a kitchen system? ”No thanks”, says Tarja.

The managers and the staff, as well as the customers have been excited of the e menu, published with the JAMIX MENU Service. You can show the menus in digital displays, and it is easy to communicate changes. Everybody has responsibility.

In Omnia there are multilingual and international people both in the kitchen staff, and in the customers. This challenges you to deploy new digital ways of operations. Recipes and content generation is no longer only on papers and printouts. Omnia Food Services does not see you could run the everyday work without a kitchen system. Not now, nor in the future. The next feature extension planned is the utilization of electronic orders directly from the JAMIX system to the suppliers.


Greetings To A New Jamix Customer

Tarja sends her greetings to a new JAMIX user: Take time to yourself and to the managers. Select the responsible persons. Start courageously. The system is easy to use and it provides a lot of opportunities to generate your own content and to utilize information. Prioritize the areas in your everyday work which you want to solve first. Recipes, menus, inventory, or something else?

Tarja has noticed, that the interest and the enthusiasm grows along with the experience on the benefits of the system. ”Share responsibility, do not presume to be ready. Continuous maintenance and co-operation with the staff, and with JAMIX especially with regards training.”, Tarja summarizes.