Carry Your Favorite Restaurant's Mobile Menu With You At All Times

JAMIX MENU is a free mobile menu app with which you can browse menus of all restaurants using it with your smartphone or tablet. In addition to detailed menu content you can view information on ingredients, allergens and nutritional data.

You can easily search restaurants from a list view or on a map. The application opens up to a ’Favorites’ view where you can add your own favorite restaurants.

JAMIX MENU application is available for free download in AppStore, GooglePlay and Windows store.


Privacy Policy

JAMIX MENU mobile application utilizes the internet access of the device to be able to connect with JAMIX MENU service used by the restaurants and with OpenStreetMap service. JAMIX MENU requires a functioning internet connection to be able to update information on restaurants, menus and maps. Information on the user will not be saved on JAMIX servers when the user is browsing through the information published by the restaurants.

When the user sends customer feedback to a restaurant through JAMIX MENU service, it will be saved in the server of JAMIX MENU service and in the database of the JAMIX System which the restaurant is using. When the restaurant fetches the feedback it will be deleted from the JAMIX MENU server. The user is able to add photos to the feedback in JAMIX MENU service directly from the photo library of a smart device. The user can also take the photo to be added into the feedback with the camera of the smart device. The previously mentioned photos added to the feedback will also be saved into the database of the JAMIX system which the restaurant is using.

JAMIX MENU mobile application utilizes also the GPS service of the device to be able to place the user’s location on the map. JAMIX MENU mobile app will not transmit information on location through the internet to any server as the utilization of the information is limited to your own device and to the time when locating on the map is used. The locating service can be switched on/off through the settings of the application which are located on the selection menu on the upper left corner on the start page (favorites page).


Mobile Menu For Restaurants Or Other Food Service Operators

If your are managing a restaurant of other food service operation, you can publish your menu easily online or to JAMIX MENU mobile app with JAMIX MENU service that is built in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. JAMIX MENU includes a feature for collecting customer feedback related to your menu, as well.

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