Customer Feedback Integrated In Kitchen Management Software

JAMIX MENU Customer Feedback feature is included in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. It enables you to collect customer feedback on your menus. Your customer can choose to give feedback on whole meals or on parts of a meal separately. You can edit the questions on the survey so you can decide the topics on which you wish to have feedback on. Feedback sent through JAMIX MENU service is reported in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System.


As the feedback feature is integrated in your kitchen management system:

  • There is no need for a separate customer feedback software.
  • You can easily publish your customer feedback survey online together with your menu.
  • The feedback from your customers will be automatically registered into your kitchen system.
  • The feedback from your customers is always linked to a certain menu.
  • Customer feedback is available in the system in real time to all users.


Customer Feedback Survey is Linked Directly to the Menu

The surveys are managed in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System so you can decide the topics on which you want to have feedback on. You can add as many questions as you like in the survey with the following types of answers by your choice: Smileys, stars, text field or picture. Once you link the survey to a menu, it will be automatically included in the menu when it will be published with the JAMIX MENU Service.

Your Customers Can Choose to Give Feedback on a Certain Meal or Part of The Meal

Customer feedback survey that you have linked to a menu in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System will be shown to your customers in the JAMIX MENU service together with the published menu. In the application your customer can choose to give feedback on a whole meal (for example lunch) or on a single part of the meal (for example lasagna). In the JAMIX MENU Mobile App it is easy for your customer to add a picture in the feedback, as well.


Customer Feedback will be Registered in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

You can monitor the feedback sent through JAMIX MENU Service in the JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. You can filter feedback reports with selected time period and by kitchens. You can also filter feedback based on meals or menus.


There are several positive effects from collecting customer feedback:

  • The customers feel that the service provider is interested in the customers and their satisfaction
  • The service provider gets direct contact to customers and their service experience
  • You can utilize positive feedback in marketing
  • You can develop and improve your operation based on feedback
  • Positive feedback encourages your employees

Customer Feedback Seamlessly Linked to Your Kitchen Management Software

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System supports your kitchen operation all the way through. The software includes the following features: