Mobile Application for Food Inventory Management and Orders

With JAMIX Mobile you can manage your orders and inventory with any mobile device.

All information is seamlessly linked to comprehensive JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System.

JAMIX Mobile Goes with You Anywhere in the Kitchen

The application includes the following functions related to JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System:

  • Orders
  • Deliveries
  • Inventory Take
  • Wastage

Find items easily by reading the barcode with the camera or the scanner of your mobile device. You can also find items by name or product code.

Information will be saved in the device, even if you lose your internet connection. Once the device is back online, the information can be updated into JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System.

Easy to Create Orders with Mobile Application

Managing food orders is effortless with JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. The system calculates automatically the need for ingredients based on your menu. You can easily send orders electronically to your suppliers directly from the system. The orders are available in JAMIX Mobile application, as well. There it is easy to add items before sending the order to the supplier. You can also add completely new orders in JAMIX Mobile application. For example for basic items that you manage separately from the menu.

Check Delivered Items Conveniently on the Spot

You can import electronic delivery documents from your suppliers directly into JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. It is also easy to create deliveries in the JAMIX System based on the orders. You can see all deliveries in the system also in JAMIX Mobile application. With the mobile application you can check and register delivered items conveniently on the spot. You can also add additional information related to the delivery.

Mobile Application Saves Time Significantly When Taking Inventory

With JAMIX Mobile application taking inventory is fluent and fast. The inventory take lists goes with you electronically in the mobile application. It is easy to register all needed information directly into the system. You can take inventory with several devices at the same time, and all information will be saved into JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System.

Register Wastage Directly Into Your Kitchen System

With JAMIX Mobile application you can register broken or outdated items into the system in the storage room, for example. You can add additional information related to your wastage entry for reporting. Information registered into JAMIX Mobile application will be saved into JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. There you can monitor wastage comprehensively.

Food Inventory - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

JAMIX Mobile Is Seamlessly Linked to JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System supports your kitchen operation all the way through. The software includes the following features: