Restaurant Chain Management

Whether you are managing several restaurant concepts or multiple sites under one concept, JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is the right tool for you! Chain restaurant management functionality allows recipes, ingredients and menus to be handled site, area and concept or brand specific in the same database. JAMIX system manages production requisitions and deliveries between different sites, as well. Managing multiple sites in one system makes it easy to control and analyze operations, and it enables the centralization of routine work which saves time.


Data Management and Control

Easy to share data and information both to all users and filtered groups of users. Product information can be updated throughout the system simultaneously for all users. The system enables centralizing of procurement to the administrator or compiling purchase orders for eg. price negotiations with suppliers. Accurate purchase orders according to need, based on menus with portion sizes and amounts accordingly resulting in less wastage.


Site Management and Control

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System provides you control over procurement as the administrator is able to define the suppliers and items to be used. Recipes and menus can be managed by site, by chain or by concept which provides the HQ with control over costs and quality of food served throughout the chain. The administrator can monitor data of all sites in the system, eg. wastage, invoicing and inventory balance which enables centralized analysis of operations and actions accordingly.


Production Requisitions Management

Production requisitions are easy to manage in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. Sites can make requisitions to the commissary kitchen based on its product lists and register delivered goods once they arrive. The commissary kitchen is able to monitor and compile all production requisitions in their production sheet.