Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Your Kitchen With JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

Consider the carbon footprint already when planning recipes. Reduce food waste diversely and throughout the process.

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System supports sustainability in the kitchen diversely, starting from the planning phase. JAMIX CO2 Calculator provides information on the carbon footprint of food. In addition, the comprehensive system includes versatile tools for reducing food waste. Reducing waste will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your kitchen. And it will save money.

Sustainable Kitchen - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

JAMIX Reduces The Carbon Footprint Of Your Kitchen

CO2 calculator - carbon footprint of food - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

JAMIX Calculates The Carbon Footprint For Recipes

The JAMIX System includes a CO2 calculator which automatically calculates the carbon footprint for recipes and meals. You can communicate the carbon footprint to your customers, as well.

Reduce The Amount Of Leftovers With Menu Planning

JAMIX is a learning system, where you register sales and wastage at the end of the day. Utilizing these figures, JAMIX will suggest more appropriate portion sizes when you serve the same food the next time. With JAMIX you can easily collect customer feedback on the menu, as well.

Reduce The Amount Of Waste In The Inventory With Accurate Purchasing And Inventory Management

JAMIX creates a shopping list based on the menu, and allocates the items automatically into orders to the right suppliers. Accurate orders reduce over ordering, which causes wastage and loss of money. With fluent inventory management you will always be aware of your inventory, and there won’t be items expiring on the shelves.

Reduce The Amount Of Waste In Production With Production Planning

JAMIX compiles the recipes to be prepared into a production sheet, which ensures accurate production resulting in less wastage. If you still prepared too much food, you will be aware of the amounts of prepared food in the inventory.

Utilize Information For Reducing The Carbon Footprint

Monitor sales and wastage of prepared food with the system. Optimize portion sizes and quantities for future plans, if needed.
Monitor quantities and shelf lives of items in the inventory. Change plans, if needed, so that you can utilize excess inventory, for example.
Monitor wastage of ingredients, as well as the causes of wastage. With information it is easier to find solutions for reducing wastage.

JAMIX Makes Kitchens Work And Supports Food Sustainability

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System supports your kitchen operation all the way through. The software includes the following features: