Kitchen Intelligence System For Sustainable Kitchen Management

Manage Your Kitchen Operations In One Complete Software System

Recipe Management. Menu Planning. Restaurant Inventory Management. Food Production And Requisitions. Restaurant Chain Management. Sustainability.

JAMIX Makes Your Work In The Kitchen Easier, Faster, And More Efficient

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is a cutting edge kitchen management software for managing any size and type of restaurant, catering business or other establishment within the foodservice industry.

Comprehensive JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System manages several sides of restaurant kitchen operations including recipe management and costing, allergen information, menu planning and nutritional analysis, inventory management and procurement. All this in one system and with all information seamlessly linked together.

  • Save Time
  • Save Money And Improve Profitability
  • Ensure Quality Of Your Operations
  • Develop Your Business
  • Operate Responsibly And Promote Sustainability

Extensive features covering several sides of commercial kitchen management

Feature highlights

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Suitable for all types and sizes of restaurants

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is as suitable for single site operations, as well as for restaurant chains or other catering businesses with multiple sites. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is in use in over 2,500 kitchens within the food service industry preparing over 1,000,000 meals every day.

Easy to use, yet versatile web based JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System helps to improve your kitchen’s efficiency, and brings cost savings both on ingredients and labor.

2,500+ Kitchens

20,000+ Users

1,000,000+ Meals prepared daily

JAMIX Customers include

  • College and University Dining
  • Corporate Dining Services
  • Restaurants and Restaurant Chains
  • Canteens
  • Coffee Shops
  • Supermarkets selling prepared foods
  • Nursing Homes
  • Culinary Schools

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JAMIX is the leading software provider for commercial kitchens with 30 years of experience within the food service industry.

Our ongoing mission is to make work in the restaurant kitchen easier!

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