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JAMIX Makes Your Work In The Restaurant Kitchen Easier, Faster, And More Efficient

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is a cutting edge kitchen management software for managing any size and type of restaurant, catering business or other establishment within the foodservice industry.

Comprehensive JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System manages several sides of restaurant kitchen operations including recipe management and costing, allergen information, menu planning and nutritional analysis, inventory management and procurement. All this in one system and with all information seamlessly linked together.

Extensive Features Covering Several Sides of Commercial Kitchen Management















As featured in the Fall/Winter 2021 issue of Campus Dining Today. Copyright 2021 NACUFS®️. Published with permission   Anna Skyttä Marketing Director JAMIX Inc.   Food safety is not only about hygiene or ingredients that comply with regulations; it is…

By: Anna Skyttä Menu is a significant document that leads commercial kitchen operations. Titles for menu items tell the kitchen and the customers what is being served, but they are just the ”tip of the iceberg”. With the recipes for…

Mari Olli is Brand Manager of the Heart Symbol in the Finnish Heart Association. The Heart Symbol tells the consumer at a glance that the product marked with this symbol is a better choice in its product group. Mari works…

By: Anna Skyttä   Deep and versatile knowledge about foodservice operations is built at Jamix on 31 years of experience of commercial kitchen management. When developing a software system for making work easier, it is important to understand how kitchens…

The Finnish Red Cross is part of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. One area of operation is taking part in international relief operations related to disasters or crises. Both domestic and international relief shipments are sent out…

By: Anna Skyttä   An extensive software system with lots of features can at first sound troublesome and difficult to use. However, usability of a system is not dependable on the amount of features it includes. An easy-to-use system is…

By Anna Skyttä   ”Food is more than just what we eat. The ways in which we produce, process and consume food touches every aspect of life on this planet. It is the foundation of our cultures, our economies and…

A comprehensive kitchen system supports food service operations diversely both in planning and in production. System saves time and money, and improves profitability. With a system it is easier to maintain coherent quality. In addition, with versatile reports it is…

There are many types of calculations related to commercial kitchen operations, and doing calculations manually takes a lot of time. In addition, there is always a risk for errors when calculating things manually. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System automatically takes care…

In the picture: Hungry Planet Culinary Team St Louis based Hungry Planet has been using JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System since 2020 for managing their recipes and culinary database. Hungry Planet makes a full range of chef-crafted plant-based meats that are…

Suitable for All Types and Sizes of Restaurants

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is as suitable for single site operations, as well as for restaurant chains or other catering businesses with multiple sites. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is in use in over 2,500 kitchens within the food service industry preparing over 1,000,000 meals every day.

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2,500+ Kitchens

20,000+ Users

1,000,000+ Meals Prepared Daily

College and University Dining

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