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Kitchen Management Software - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

Cutting Edge, Cloud-based Kitchen Management Software

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is a cutting edge, cloud-based kitchen management software for managing any size and type of restaurant, food service operation, dining service, or catering service.

Comprehensive JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System manages several sides of commercial kitchen operations including recipe management and costing, allergen information, menu planning and nutritional analysis, inventory management and purchasing. All this in one system and with all information seamlessly connected.

JAMIX Makes Your Work in The Restaurant Kitchen Easier, Faster, And More Efficient

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Complete Kitchen Management Software For Restaurants Or Food Service Operations

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sustainable restaurant kitchen - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System


In the culinary world, precision is the key to success. Whether you're a chef in a bustling restaurant kitchen or managing a food service operation, getting your recipes right – especially when scaling them up or down – is essential…

Food waste is a global problem that affects not only the environment, but also the profitability and sustainability of the restaurant industry. Beyond crafting exquisite menus and providing impeccable service, owners, managers, and chefs are increasingly focusing on minimizing restaurant…

In the digital age, the restaurant industry is embracing technology to improve every aspect of its operations, and kitchen workflows are no exception. A restaurant mobile app offers chefs and kitchen staff a comprehensive solution to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and…

One of the most critical aspects of running a restaurant is managing inventory efficiently. Keeping track of supplies is a demanding task that can make or break the seamless flow of kitchen operations. This is where restaurant inventory software steps…

In today's fast-paced and competitive restaurant industry, success hinges on various factors, including exceptional customer service, delicious cuisine, and efficient management. One often overlooked but crucial aspect that can significantly impact a restaurant's success is its menu. Gone are the…

By: Matleena AutioWhat does sustainability actually mean when it comes to food production? The climate impact or carbon footprint of products are topics that most often come up in conversations. We know that the climate impact of plant-based products is…

Running a profitable culinary business requires meticulous management of various factors, and one crucial aspect is controlling recipe costs. Accurately calculating the cost of ingredients, managing portion sizes, and minimizing waste are vital to maximizing profitability. However, manually handling these…

JAMIX is a proud exhibitor at the NACUFS 2023 National Conference in Baltimore, MD, July 19-22. Come and visit our booth 577 on the Showcase floor Thursday and Friday, July 20-21, to learn more about comprehensive cloud-based JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System…

In the fast-paced and competitive world of food service, efficiency is key to success. Whether you run a restaurant, catering business, or any other food service establishment, managing operations effectively can be a challenging task. From recipe management and menu…

Kitchen Management Software Suitable For All Types And Sizes Of Food Services

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is as suitable for single site operations, as well as for restaurant chains or other catering businesses with multiple sites. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is in use in over 2,500 kitchens within the food service industry preparing over 1,000,000 meals every day.

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2,500+ Kitchens

20,000+ Users

1,000,000+ Meals Prepared Daily

College and University Dining

Food Service Providers

Corporate Dining Services

Restaurants and Restaurant Chains


Coffee Shops

Supermarkets selling prepared foods

Nursing Homes

Culinary Schools