Restaurant Food Waste Software - Track And Control

Reduce the amount of food waste already in the planning phase with JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System.

Monitor the amount of waste, and utilize that information for future plans.

Tracking Restaurant Food Waste Helps You Control It in the Future

Restaurant food waste comes from leftovers on the customers’ plates or on the service line. In addition, it comes from extra food prepared in the kitchen, which cannot be utilized again.

With JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System you can track sales and wastage of food on your menus. You can also track wastage of ingredients in the inventory. 

restaurant food waste software
Sustainable Kitchen - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

Reduce Restaurant Food Waste Already in the Planning Phase

In addition to food waste tracking, JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System helps you in several ways to reduce the amount of food waste that comes from production:

  • Setting appropriate portion sizes and the amounts of portions when planning your menu helps to reduce food waste on the plates or on the service line.
  • Shopping list based on your menu enables you to order the right amount of ingredients. This helps in reducing wastage in the inventory.
  • With production sheet you can cook just the right amount of food. It is easy to change quantities in the system. If needed, you can modify your production sheet at any time.
  • The unique Food Bank functionality enables you to manage earlier prepared food in the system. This helps in reducing wastage of prepared food in the inventory.

Restaurant Food Waste Tracking on the Menus And in the Inventory

You can register information on sales and wastage in the system directly into your menu. When planning future menus you can utilize that information easily. You can also choose to use the sales quantities registered in the system directly as the production quantities for your next menu.

You can register wastage information in the system also for inventory items that are faulty or outdated, for example. With traceability information registered in the system you can monitor for example the use by dates for ingredients in the inventory. This will help in preventing wastage of ingredients.

Menu Planning Enables You To Control Waste Of Both Prepared Food And Ingredients

When planning your menu, appropriate portion sizes as well as adapting the amount of portions to the amount of diners expected are essential information in addition to the menu content. With the help of JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System you can easily update your menu options, if needed. Also, you can easily change portion sizes and the amounts of portions – and the system will automatically take care of all essential calculations.

Shopping list calculation based on your menu, together with inventory management functionalities in the system, help to optimize the amount of ingredients to be ordered.

Production Sheet Helps You to Cook the Right Amount of Food

You can easily print all recipes on the production sheet with the chosen amount of diners for production. When the instructions are clear and the quantities are precisely calculated, production runs efficiently and you will get the appropriate amount of food.

The unique Food Bank functionality in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System enables you to manage food that is prepared in advance in the system. The system takes the quantity registered in the Food Bank into consideration and calculates automatically how much food needs to be prepared in addition to the food that is in store. All this will help you optimize the amount of food to be prepared and further control wastage of prepared food.