Menu Management Included In A Complete Kitchen Software System

Versatile menu planning features including all essential information and calculations.

Seamlessly linked to the entire kitchen operation in the system, including recipes, orders and inventory.

Versatile Features for Planning and Managing Menus

Menu management is one of the key features in the web based JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System that supports any size and type of food service operation comprehensively.

Easy & Dynamic Menu Building

You can build menus with several meal options. Recipes are easy to add just by dragging and dropping them into a weekly calendar. The system automatically calculates nutritive values and menu cost. In addition, it provides you with information on food allergens. You can change the amount of diners on the menu and the recipes will be automatically updated accordingly.

Dynamic menu functionalities enable you to manage cycle menus in the system. It is easy to make different types of modifications to the cycle menu, as well. In multi-unit food service operations the dynamic menu functionality enables kitchen-specific modifications on shared menus. This functionality is ideal for multi-unit operations with kitchens utilizing a shared menu but having differences in the amount of diners, portion sizes and prices. Learn more about JAMIX features for multi-unit restaurant  management.

Automatic Nutritional Analysis of Your Menu

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System comes with comprehensive nutritive data linked to ingredients. The system automatically calculates the nutritive values for your recipes and further for your menus. You can compare the nutrition facts of your menu to dietary guidelines. You can have all the dietary guidelines applicable to your operation in the system. In the nutritional analysis function you can select the dietary guideline of your choice, and the system will automatically compare your menu to it.

Purchase Orders Based On Your Menu

All ingredients on your recipes and finally on your menus are linked to purchase products in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. Once you have completed your menu the system automatically calculates the need for ingredients and creates a purchase order. You can then send purchase orders electronically and directly from JAMIX system to your suppliers.  

JAMIX MENU E Menu Online

Digital Menu Application

Automatic publishing of menus to your customers on your web site or on digital info screen at point-of-sale ensures that your menu is always in sync with the kitchen. Information published includes prices, ingredients, allergens, nutrition facts and optional CO2 footprint for food with comparative values. 

The feedback feature of JAMIX e Menu application enables you to collect customer feedback on menus. Your customer can choose to give feedback on whole meals or on parts of a meal separately. You can edit the questions on the survey so you can decide the topics on which you wish to have feedback on. Feedback sent through JAMIX e Menu application is reported in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. Read more on Customer Feedback Service. Read more about JAMIX e Menu application.

Food Waste Is Related to Menu Management

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System keeps you in control of food waste. Accurate shopping lists based on portion sizes and the amount of diners make it easy to order just the right amount of ingredients. This will help you in reducing wastage of ingredients.

Utilizing the menu plan in production makes it easy to prepare just the right amount of food. This will help you in reducing wastage of prepared food.

Post-production functionality enables you to still optimize the amount of prepared food as you can register sales and leftovers into the menu. Less wastage means less costs, as well! Read more on food waste management with JAMIX System. 

food waste tracking

More Than Just Menu Management System

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System supports your kitchen or food service operation all the way through. In addition to menu management, the software includes the following features:

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