JAMIX – Making Kitchens Work For Already 30 Years!

“At JAMIX absolutely everything we do is fully informed, honed and judged by those who use our software in the real world, Caterers and Managers. We seamlessly bring together the necessary ingredients that become both our Recipe for Success… and yours.”

Mikko Jaatinen - CEO


JAMIX is a Finnish company specialising in applications for professional kitchens. JAMIX has been a leading kitchen management software provider already for 30 years.

All JAMIX Software is designed and developed in Finland by a highly skilled and innovative team with long experience in the business. We work continuously on developing our software further so that we can offer our customers top solutions. JAMIX software is used in both small businesses and in global organisations.

Since the beginning our first priority has been top quality by which we mean both technical reliability and customer service. Our JAMIX solutions are clear, logical and easy to use. Relying on our experience we guarantee that whether you manage a small restaurant or a multi-site foodservice operation, JAMIX software provides the perfect solution for your business.

Founded in 1990 by a young Finnish student, in 30 years JAMIX has grown from a small local business into a software company with clients all over the world.

JAMIX originated from a recipe program made by Mikko Jaatinen. The local vocational school became interested in the program and after that, the program was sold at a fast pace to dozens of professional kitchens already within the first year. Soon, custom programs were built to manage inventory and meal orders. These three programs together formed a comprehensive professional kitchen management system for all sizes and types of kitchens.

Listening to customers’ needs, uninterrupted product development, and enthusiasm for developing solutions to facilitate the daily work of professional kitchens have been the base of JAMIX for 30 years. Today, over 1.000.000 meals a day are prepared with JAMIX software.