JAMIX CO2 Calculator Calculates The Carbon Footprint Of Food

Consider the carbon footprint already when planning recipes and menus

CO2 Calculator Linked to Your Recipes and Menus

JAMIX CO2 Calculator is an application included in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. It calculates the carbon footprint of food. The application will automatically calculate the CO2 values for recipes and meals. Reference values included in the system make it easy to evaluate the carbon footprint of a certain menu item or meal. You can communicate the CO2 values to the end-customers with JAMIX MENU service.

Carbon Footprint of Food - JAMIX CO2 Calculator

The Carbon Footprint of Food Has an Essential Role With Respect to Sustainability in Food Services

Sustainability and responsibility play a key role in all areas of today’s society. The environmental effect of food is approximately as big as of traffic and habitation. Besides households, the food service operators have a major opportunity to support sustainability. One way of doing this is taking the carbon footprint of food into consideration. JAMIX CO2 Calculator enables exploring the carbon footprint of food. And it is easy to share information with the end-customers, as well.

Application Developed for Food Service Operators Enables You to Share Information to End-customers, as well

JAMIX CO2 Calculator is developed for food service operations for calculating and comparing the carbon footprint of food. In JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System it is easy to compare the CO2 values of ingredients. You can also experiment the effects of different ingredient choices on the carbon footprint of a meal. In addition to this, you can share the CO2 values to your end-customers. This enables the customers to make comparison and choices based on the carbon footprint, as well.

The possibility to compare the carbon footprint of different items already when creating recipes and planning menus makes it easier to take the environmental aspect into consideration in food service operations. Communicating the carbon footprint for meals will bring additional value to the end-customers. And the possibility to effect on the carbon footprint.

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System Supports Sustainability Of a Food Service Operation Comprehensively

In addition to recipes and ingredients used, the portion sizes and menu content have effect on the carbon footprint of food:

  • You can minimize wastage of prepared food by optimizing your portion sizes and menus.
  • Orders related to your menus have effect on  wastage of ingredients.
  • Production planning enables you to run production efficiently and ecologically.

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System includes all the functionalities needed for managing the previously mentioned areas.