In Restaurant Santeri the Day Starts With JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

Mari Ahovuori-Raivio, ravintola Santeri ja JAMIX-keittiöjärjestelmä

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In the picture: Mari Ahovuori-Raivio

Restaurant Santeri Prepares Food for Students and Events

Alkio College is a folk high school that was founded in 1947 and operates in Korpilahti, Finland. It is one of the largest folk high schools in Finland and has many different lines of studies. There are 17 full year lines, and 4 half year lines. In addition the school offers different types of courses of shorter duration.

Restaurant Santeri serves the Alkio College students breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis. At the moment the restaurant prepares around 350 meals per day. Once the amount of students returns to pre-pandemic figures, the restaurant will serve around 450 meals a day.

Mari Ahovuori-Raivio works as Food Service Worker in Restaurant Santeri. She is in charge of the daily operations in the restaurant. 

JAMIX System Has Been In Use Already for Two Decades

Restaurant Santeri has been using JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System since 2001. Five years ago they decided to move on to JAMIX Cloud Service and the web based system. Restaurant Santeri uses the system comprehensively including inventory management in addition to recipes and menus. They also use JAMIX Menu service for publishing menus online for the customers. “Web based system provides really big help in the daily operations as all information is safe in the cloud”, Mari Ahovuori-Raivio says.

The staff in the Santeri kitchen has a laptop and they can see all the information needed directly from the system. “We have wanted to minimize the amount of paper printouts in the kitchen. With JAMIX we have succeeded with that”, Mari says.

One of the staff members did a vocational degree as apprenticeship training while working. The training included the use of JAMIX System and adding recipes into the system, as well. Otherwise Mari is responsible for managing the system and keeping it up-to-date.


The Kitchen Starts Their Day With JAMIX

When the workday starts in the kitchen, the cook checks the menu of the day directly from JAMIX System, and then starts preparing food based on the information in the system. Directions are not printed separately into files anymore, as you can see all information in the system each day at a time. Mari updates quantities and other information, when needed. This way the recipe base is always up-to-date for the cooks.

Alkio College has a Finnish Sustainable Development Certification of Educational Establishments. Using JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is one important thing in complying with the certificate in practice. Restaurant Santeri runs a rotating menu with 5 week cycles, and the content is updated according to sales. The menu has developed a lot along the years. It is really easy to make changes to it with the JAMIX System, Mari says.

“In the system it is easy to search for recipes, and change portion sizes or portion quantities. You will also get your price calculations easily and they are accurate.” Changes needed for recipes are significantly easier and quicker to make with the system, if you compare it to doing that manually. In addition, the system makes it easier to make purchase orders, as you will get your shopping lists directly from the system based on your menu. “We have been able to reduce the amount of deliveries with organized ordering”, Mari says. “We used to get up to 5 deliveries per week, but now only 2.”

JAMIX System Is Easy to Use and You Always Get Help from Customer Support

According to Mari the deployment of JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System went without any problems. The system is really easy to use, especially now with the cloud service as JAMIX manages all updates. Alkio College is really satisfied with the JAMIX System and they have confidence in JAMIX as a company.

Restaurant Santeri has had JAMIX Training sessions together with another college. JAMIX HelpDesk has provided help with questions coming up in the daily work. 

Kitchen System Helps In Staff Shortage

“There is a major staff shortage in the food service industry!”, Mari says. It is challenging to find skillful cooks and you are already looking to find employees directly from schools. The situation in the business has changed really fast. Mari sees in her work that young people are not interested in the industry. The valuation of the industry should be turned upwards.

Mari believes that software systems will be even more important tools in commercial kitchens in the future, as the new generations have good IT skills. Staff shortages can be tackled with food service management systems, as a system can give competitive advantage for employers in an industry suffering from staff shortage. Systems reduce the work load in many routine chores, like making purchase orders or taking inventory. This will reduce the need for assisting work in the kitchens.

It is easy to make changes to your recipes and they stay safe in the system even if you dropped your laptop in a boiling pan. You can easily modify your recipes and make several variations of the same recipe, if needed. The system shows you the recipe price directly, as well as how the price changes when you make modifications to the recipe. You will also get nutritive calculations easily from the system.

 – Mari, Restaurant Santeri –

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