Food Production and Requisitions Included In A Complete Kitchen Software System

Run production fluently and efficiently based on your menus and recipes in the system.

Manage production requisitions in multi-site operations.

Versatile Features for Food Production in Commercial Kitchens

With JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System you can manage food production both in single site food service operations and in operations including several sites.

Menu as a Tool for Production

Once you have planned your menu with JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System, the production flows smoothly. The system calculates the need for ingredients automatically for procurement, and you can send your orders electronically to your suppliers directly from the system.

You can print recipes included on the menu according to the chosen amount of diners for production. If needed, you can change the amount of diners or portion sizes and the system will automatically update the recipes according to the new values.

You can register sales data on the menu and utilize it the next time you are preparing the same food. You can also choose to update the amount of diners and portion sizes automatically based on the sales data registered in the system.

Kitchen System Food Safety

Versatile Production Sheet Function as a Tool for Production

You can utilize the production sheet function instead of the menu function or together with it. The function is practical for example when you need to compile a work sheet for one day or for a separate event. As from the menu, you can print the recipes with chosen amount of diners for production from the production sheet. In addition you can print a compiled shopping lists for ingredients.

You can also manage food that is cooked in advance in the system with the unique Food Bank functionality. The system takes the quantity registered in the system into consideration when working on the production sheets. It then automatically calculates how much food needs to be prepared in addition to the food that is in the inventory.

You can also save data on preparations needed for ingredients into the system. On the specified time, the system will display the pre-preparation needed for ingredients included in the recipes on the production sheet: For example thawing or cooking 1 day before usage.

Production Requisitions Based On the Amount of Diners on the Menu

In multi-site foodservice operations the sites can easily create production requisitions to the commissary kitchen based on the menu in the system. The system will automatically compile all production requisitions by recipe on the production sheet of the commissary kitchen. If the site prepares some of the food independently, it can easily manage its own production in the system.

Food Production Supported by a Comprehensive Kitchen Management Software System

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System supports your kitchen operation all the way through. The software includes the following features that are seamlessly linked to your food production operations