Publish and share an e menu directly from your kitchen management system

JAMIX MENU is an e menu application included in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. You can share your menu automatically online with JAMIX MENU e menu service. Menu planning is one of the key features in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System. It is seamlessly linked to recipes and ingredients that are in use in the kitchen. You can publish the same menu, that you have created in the system for managing the kitchen’s internal operations and production, with a couple clicks in a customer friendly format in selected digital channels.

Having your menu online saves both time for the kitchen staff and it saves costs related to the printing materials. Reduction in printing materials reduces their environmental impact, as well. In addition, an e menu or a mobile menu is always available to your customer regardless of place or time.

E menu to several digital channels at one go

In addition to your own website you can easily share the e menu into digital info screens at point-of-sale, for example. The info screens can as well be tablet sized, for example near the entrance of the restaurant, or they can be large screens in lobby areas.

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System creates a QR code automatically on the menu’s web address, as well. You can utilize the QR code for example in printed marketing materials. Once your customer scans the code with his/her smartphone, the web page including the menu will automatically open in the smartphone’s web browser.

In addition to the previously mentioned, you can publish your menu from the JAMIX System into the unique JAMIX MENU mobile application. The mobile app is available for free download in the app stores (at the moment available in Europe, only). In the mobile application you can browse through menus of all restaurants who have published their menu into it. The customers can make a list of their own favorite restaurants in the application, as well.

JAMIX MENU E Menu Service

Detailed information included in the e menu

The e menu you have published from JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System automatically includes also the sales prices for the menu items. There is also diet information, ingredients list including allergens, and nutrition facts. So, in addition to the menu items, JAMIX online menu provides a lot of information to your customers.

These days consumers are ever more interested in the environmental effects of food. The unique CO2 Calculator in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System automatically calculates the carbon footprint of food. The CO2 values will be published together with the menu for your customers, as well.

Collect customer feedback related to your menu

You can also collect customer feedback related to your menus with JAMIX MENU application. You can create the survey and decide on which topics you want to get feedback on. Activating the customer feedback survey in JAMIX System is quick and easy. You just have to link the survey to the menu that will be published and the system takes care of the rest. Your survey will be shown to your customers together with the e menu. The feedback from your customers will be automatically saved into the system, where you will have versatile reporting options related to it.

Customer Feedback Service - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

Design of the online menu according to your brand

The core purpose of the menu is communication, but most often it is a marketing tool, as well. For this reason the appearance of the menu is not meaningless. JAMIX MENU application enables you to edit the appearance of the published menu according to your visual guidelines. You can, for example, add your own logo into the online menu or edit the color theme and fonts on the menu.

In addition, you can also add pictures that have been saved into the recipes in JAMIX System into the online menu. This way you can choose to illustrate the menu with, for example tempting pictures of the menu items.

One system supports your kitchen operation all the way through

In addition to the e menu JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System includes all the essential features needed in a food service operation: