Jamix Privacy Policy

1. Register holder

Jamix Oy
Sepänkatu 14 C
40720 Jyväskylä
+358 207 121 310
[email protected]

2. Contact persons

Information Security Manager – Timo Lehto

Marketing Director – Anna Skyttä

3. Name of the register

JAMIX Customer and Marketing Register

4. Purpose of processing personal data

Personal data of Jamix customers and potential customers are collected in the register.

The purpose of the register is to collect such personal data that is needed for managing customer relationship between Jamix and the customer. Personal data is stored in the register at least while the customer agreement is valid.

Typical tasks related to managing customer relationship are:

  • Invoicing of services and products
  • Notifications on service breaks
  • Providing helpdesk services
  • Providing technical services
  • Sales
  • Co-ordination of customer training
  • Project management
  • Information on new JAMIX products and features
  • Collecting and analyzing customer feedback
  • Updating terms of agreement
  • Business reporting and analysis

Personal data in the register will also be used in marketing communication to JAMIX customers and potential customers.

5. Personal data in the register includes the following information:

  • First name and last name
  • Role / Title
  • Work email address
  • Work phone number
  • Employer

6. Sources for information

  • Customer agreements
  • Personal data provided by the customer’s contact person specified in the customer agreement.
  • Contacts from potential customers (contact form, email, phone calls, trade shows and events)

7. Transferring of data

Personal data will not be transferred to external parties without approval. Jamix utilizes services from third parties who act as data processors. Third parties are required to follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A list of active third parties is available at request from Jamix contact persons.

8. Moving data outside of the EU

Personal data will in principal not be moved outside of the EU. In case any data is moved, it is executed only with products holding a Privacy Shield certificate.

9. Protection

Systems including personal data are protected with user ID and password. Utilizing the systems requires https connection. Systems are protected with fire walls.

User rights to the systems are provided only to persons, whose work tasks require the use of the system.

Servers utilized for processing of personal data are located in a locked space with electronic access control.

Data is backed up daily.

Jamix employees have made a confidentiality agreement.

10. Rights

Customer has the right to see all of his/her personal data that has been stored.

Customer has the right to authenticity of the personal data that has been stored.

Customer has the right to request removal of his/her own personal data. Removal is performed in case there is no justifiable reason by Jamix for not removing the personal data.

Potential customer has the right to forbid direct marketing.

All requests can be directed at Jamix contact persons.