Trending Today featuring JAMIX on Fox Business

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Trending Today is a television series that features front line industry advancements, innovative technologies, product solutions and trends from all over the globe and provides an in-depth look at how they affect our daily lives. The host, Karen LeBlanc, leads this fast paced journey showcasing organizations from Main Street to Wall Street.

The episode of Trending Today aired on Saturday, June 15th at 12 pm (EST) on Fox Business featuring Research Chefs Association, Global Shirts and Bravo Shoes, Jamix Kitchen Management, Smokin’ Mary.

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JAMIX KITCHEN MANAGEMENT is a cutting edge restaurant software for managing any size and type of restaurant, catering business or other establishment within the food service industry. Comprehensive JAMIX software manages several sides of restaurant operations including recipe management and costing, menu management and nutritional analysis, inventory management and procurement. All this in one system and with all information seamlessly linked together.

JAMIX was recently exhibiting at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, where the company also accepted the 2019 Kitchen Innovation Award. Some scenes for the next episode of Trending Today were filmed at the show. Check out some of the behind the scenes footage in Trending Today’s Facebook profile:

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