How a Restaurant Mobile App Revolutionizes Kitchen Workflows

Restaurant Mobile App - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

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In the digital age, the restaurant industry is embracing technology to improve every aspect of its operations, and kitchen workflows are no exception. A restaurant mobile app offers chefs and kitchen staff a comprehensive solution to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and information sharing. From recipes to purchasing and inventory management, this digital tool has the potential to revolutionize the way your kitchen operates.

Mobile App Provides Easy Access to Recipes Both in Back and in Front of House

Gone are the days of sifting through stacks of handwritten recipe cards or flipping through worn-out cookbooks. A restaurant mobile app provides chefs an access to organized database of recipes, each complete with detailed instructions, ingredient lists, and even photos. This not only speeds up cooking but also ensures consistency across every dish, even as staff changes occur.

Imagine effortlessly scaling up or down recipes to match varying guest numbers, all with a few taps. With instant access to standardized recipes, kitchen staff can focus on the art of cooking itself, rather than interpreting scribbled instructions. This streamlined approach not only reduces errors but also enhances the overall quality of your dishes.

In addition to the kitchen, a mobile app works for the staff in the front of house, as well. You can easily check ingredients and allergens for a certain dish or recipe whenever a customer wants to know more detailed information.

Restaurant Mobile App Streamlines Purchasing

Ordering ingredients can be a logistical challenge, but a restaurant mobile app turns it into a streamlined process. Integrated with supplier databases, these apps allow you to create orders directly from the app, selecting the quantities and items you need. The order is then sent directly to your suppliers, reducing the risk of errors and miscommunications.

With the mobile app it is easy to check goods once they are delivered and register withdrawals for items taken from the inventory – right on the spot. This will keep your inventory balance accurate and up to date.

Inventory Take Is Significantly Faster with a Mobile App

Taking inventory has always been a time-consuming task, often requiring the kitchen to halt operations temporarily. However, with a restaurant mobile app, inventory takes become faster and more efficient. You can scan EAN codes of the items with the mobile device and recording counts will go smoothly. You can even take inventory with several devices at the same time, allowing multiple staff members to participate simultaneously. This increases efficiency even more.

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System Includes a Cutting-Edge Mobile App

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is a cloud-based kitchen management software including all essential features for commercial kitchen operations, such as recipes, menus, and inventory management. JAMIX Mobile App is seamlessly connected to the system, including the following functions:

  • Recipes And Menus
  • Purchasing And Deliveries
  • Withdrawals And Wastage
  • Inventory Take

With JAMIX Mobile app the kitchen system is easily available to all employees regardless of place or time. Checking information goes smoothly, and registering information into the system is no longer the responsibility of just a few people with access to the kitchen computer at some office.

Revolutionize your kitchen workflow with JAMIX Mobile App!

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