JAMIX’s New Green Appearance Communicates Sustainability Promoting Features In The System

Sustainable Kitchen - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

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JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System supports sustainability in the kitchen diversely, starting from the planning phase. JAMIX CO2 Calculator provides information on the carbon footprint of food. In addition, the comprehensive system includes versatile tools for reducing food waste. Reducing waste will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your kitchen. And it will save money.

The previously mentioned features have been in the JAMIX System already before. Along with our new green appearance and our Sustainable Kitchen symbol we want to bring these sustainability promoting features forward in a more distinct way.

The Environmental Effect Of Food Is Significant

The environmental effect of food is approximately as big as of traffic. Or as big as of water and energy consumption in households. The biggest part of the environmental effect of food comes from ingredients. Animal based foods have in average a bigger environmental effect than vegetable based foods. The problem with food thrown away is not so much the waste generated. The problem is the environmental effect that has been generated for nothing when producing that food.

JAMIX Reduces The Carbon Footprint Of Your Kitchen

Sustainable Restaurant Kitchen In JAMIX Blog

Sustainability has been a theme in JAMIX Blog already for several years. You can find the articles related to this theme under the category named Sustainable Restaurant Kitchen.

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