Jamix’s Values Were Crystallized from the Existing Corporate Culture

Jamix Values

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Last fall all Jamix employees participated in determining our company values. The workshops highlighted a large number of things describing Jamix and its operations, which were grouped by topic. Those topics crystallized Jamix’s corporate culture into the following values:

  • Customer Oriented
  • Responsible
  • Innovative
  • People Oriented

Jamix Has a Customer Oriented Approach

Jamix has its origins in collaboration with a culinary school and the first versions or the program were created closely listening to the customer’s wishes. Jamix has developed the software enthusiastically and continuously for over 30 years – always listening to feedback from the users. In addition to customers’ wishes regarding the software we want to help our customers and solve possible problems. For us it is important that we know our customers’ needs, and that our customers find Jamix reliable and easily approachable.

Jamix Operates Responsibly

Since the beginning our first priority has been top quality by which we mean both technical reliability and customer service. As Jamix System supports sustainability in commercial kitchens, we also help our customers in operating in a responsible way. In additoin to responsibility related to our product and our customers Jamix operates responsibly also as an employer both towards our employees and the society.

Jamix Is Innovative

Providing solutions to existing needs is just part of development. Since its beginning Jamix has wanted to be a forerunner in its own field. Forerunners have the courage to do their own thing, to challenge familiar ways of operation, and to think things from a new perspective. Jamix’s mission is to enable kitchens produce food in a sustainable and efficient way. In order to fulfill our mission we are constantly creating new thins.

Jamix Has a People Oriented Culture

Trust, appreciation and respect, carring and presence are things that keep up good work atmosphere at Jamix. In addition to good team spirit Jamix employees feel that the company invests in employees and their well-being. At Jamix, employees are taken along to plan various things, and everybody can bring their opinions and ideas forward. At Jamix, everyone is allowed to be themselves and we are genuinely interested in each other.

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