Kitchen System Provides Tools for Managing Risks Related to Food Safety

Kitchen System Food Safety - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

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As featured in the Fall/Winter 2021 issue of Campus Dining Today. Copyright 2021 NACUFS®️.

Published with permission

Anna Skyttä
Marketing Director

Food safety is not only about hygiene or ingredients that comply with regulations; it is also about nutritional quality of food and allergens. From managing menus to inventories, here are a few examples of how fellow NACUFS institutional members are using a universal system to cross-tab several data points to best mitigate risk.

Oregon State University: Recipe Management

“The ease of creating a recipe [within a managed system] is awesome. The linking of nutrition has been easy and I look forward to getting up and running!” says Kimberly Copeland, procurement and business systems manager for University Housing and Dining Services at Oregon State University. Once recipes are in the system, all information linked to them will flow through the system.

Yale University: Allergen Tracking + Purchasing

Yale Hospitality uses menu management technology to track allergens throughout the various steps of procurement to production. “Providing our students with access to filter ingredients and nutritional information is of utmost importance to our organization, and directly supports [our students’] health and wellness needs,” says Leah Beck, menu design, nutrition, and QA manager for Yale Hospitality. “Our system generates accurate food labeling—highlighting ingredients, allergens, and nutritional detail—so our Yale community can dine with confidence,” says James Benson, director of culinary inspiration for Yale Hospitality. Yale Hospitality can now generate accurate purchasing and production plans. ”Our interest is in the future development of predictive analytics and machine learning to utilize the technology to enhance our ‘better for you, better for the planet’ initiatives, and improve our business processes,” says Rafi Taherian, associate vice president of Yale Hospitality.

Western Oregon University: Inventory Management

Managing inventory in a system reduces risk for outdated items, which could become a food safety issue. “This has allowed us to effectively manage processes, becoming the essential program for menu management and managing inventory,” says Jane M. Cameron-Jensen, assistant director of dining at Western Oregon University Hospitality.

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is a comprehensive kitchen management software that helps you  manage risks related to food safety.

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