The More Comprehensive Kitchen Software, The More It Will Make Work In The Kitchen Easier

Versatile kitchen management software system

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By: Anna Skyttä

An extensive software system with lots of features can at first sound troublesome and difficult to use. However, usability of a system is not dependable on the amount of features it includes. An easy-to-use system is easy to use whether it includes a little or lots of features, and whether you utilize all features in the system. In fact a system with just a few features can become troublesome and difficult to use if it doesn’t support your operation in the best possible way, that is throughout the process.  The basic task for information systems is to make it easier for you to manage, process and deliver information. If the system helps in just some part of the process, you need to take care of the rest without a system. That is inevitably more laborius and it takes more time.

There Is Lots Of Information Related To A Food Service Operation

Recipes include information on ingredients, including quantities, you need for preparing a certain dish. Ingredients include information on possible food allergens, as well as nutritive data. Ingredient price is also one piece of information related to ingredients. The menu tells you what, when, and how much you need to prepare. Based on the menu you can also calculate the need for ingredients. In many food service operations nutritional information and costs of meals play an essential role. Information on quantities and values of ingredients in the inventory is also relevant.

You need all previously mentioned information – and this was not in a very detailed level – for running a food service operation. Almost all information is also linked to each other in one way or another. When you need to change some information, it most probably will affect many others, as well. A kitchen software system that first of all keeps all the needed information safe in one place, and in addition to that links information together, and automatically takes care of many calculations, is truly a tool that makes work easier and faster.

Delivering Information To Your Organization, Suppliers, And Customers

If you have more than one person working in the kitchen, you will need to share information within the organization. The need for sharing information grows in bigger organizations and in chain operations. There you might have the need to make requisitions to the commissary kitchen, as well. And you need to send your orders for ingredients to your suppliers.

You usually publish your menu as paper printouts or online to your customers including at least basic information on the menu items. There are requirements on sharing food information to consumers, so you should have ingredient lists and allergen information easily available in case you have not published them together with the menu.

Sharing information is easy with a kitchen system that manages all essential information related to kitchen operations, whether you are sharing information within your organization, or to your suppliers or customers.

Manage All Essential Kitchen Operations In One System

Imagine a situation where you would hire an assistant to take care of routine work related to information management. Would you rather hire a person, who manages only one or a few areas of kitchen operations, or a person who manages all essential areas in the kitchen. It would seem logical to choose the person with as much knowledge as possible. Matching the needs of the organization is of course essential both when choosing an employee or a software system. But as pointed out earlier, even the most simple food operation relies on much more information than just recipes, for example.

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System covers all essential operations in the kitchen. In addition, it includes many useful and innovative features which all make daily work in the kitchen easier. Even if the system is extensive, the users appreciate its intuitive user interface. JAMIX System adapts to your kitchen’s needs, so it is suitable both for small and large food service operations. The more you want to make work in the kitchen easier, the more versatile system you should choose. And when you have a versatile system in use, you will get the most benefits from it by using it comprehensively.


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