A Kitchen System Helps You Manage and Monitor Food Donations

Food Donation - JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

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By Anna Skyttä

Reducing food waste is more topical than ever. There is a lot of information, tips and guides available. Reducing food waste interests both the consumers and the food industry, as well as the food service operators – which is great! Increasing knowledge about the meaning of reducing food waste promotes the concrete actions, as well.

In the USDA website you can find a lot of information on Food Loss and Waste, and how to fight it. Donating food is one good way for reducing food waste. USDA provides information on donating, as well.


Food That Can Be Donated Should Not Be Wasted

Preventive actions are the most important when we talk about reducing food waste. Data is a key element that supports preventive actions. With the JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System you can monitor the amount of food waste based on facts. When you have accurate data in hands it is easy to set targets for reducing food waste. With the system you can follow how the targets are reached, as well.

Despite preventive actions you might still generate some food waste. Food that is suitable for donation should not be wasted. Less waste equals to savings in wastage costs and less strain on the environment. In addition, donating food provides valuable help to food charity customers.


Monitor The Amount Of Donated Food In Your Kitchen System

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System helps you manage donated food. You can register surplus food in the system with the unique Food Bank functionality. This way you will stay in control of the amount of prepared foods you have in the inventory. The Food Bank functionality also enables you to monitor the amount of food donated. When you register the actual food waste in the system, as well, you will stay up-to-date with the big picture, which helps you to plan the future more accurately.


Information On Food Easily Available For The Customers

You need to include information on the possible allergens in the donated food. In the JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System information on the ingredients, allergens and nutrition facts is automatically up-to-date and easily available. You can even print food labels including that information directly from the system, and use them for the packed food that will be donated.

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