Kitchen System Serves The Administration And The Kitchens In Validia

Validia Housing Services uses JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

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Validia provides housing and rehabilitation services for people needing help due to brain or spinal cord, or other injuries. Validia has been using JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System for managing their food services since 2016. Validia operates nationally in Finland, and it has 18 production kitchens and 6 service kitchens. Centralizing functions with JAMIX System saves time in Validia, and thanks to shared recipes the food has consistent quality.



The System Serves Both The Administration And The Kitchens In The Daily Work

Validia uses JAMIX System comprehensively, and it is in daily use both in the administration and in the kitchens. The administration plans recipes and menus, and the chefs in the kitchens can view them on their own screens. When the chefs register the sales data of prepared food into the system, the administration can monitor the information both as a whole, as well as kitchen specifically.

Validia’s kitchens use JAMIX System also for orders, which they can send directly from the system to the suppliers. Service kitchens in their part make requisitions to production kitchens with the system. Information transfers easily in the cloud within the users, and it is always up-to-date. In addition to the previously mentioned functions, Validia uses JAMIX MENU e menu service for publishing their menus directly from the system online for customers.

System Saves Time And Thanks To It The Food Has Consistent Quality

”With the help of JAMIX System we can centralize procurement, and all kitchens can use shared recipes in the system. Centralizing functions saves time, and thanks to shared recipes the food has consistent quality and content in all kitchens.”, tells Validia Food Services Manager Erja Ruuttila. ”We track sales with JAMIX BI reporting tool, which helps us manage finances better. Without JAMIX System we would not get any statistics. We also manage the billing related to internal food orders with JAMIX.”

Deployment One Area At A Time

Erja tells, that the deployment of JAMIX System went well after the first hassle. ”The system is easy to deploy one area at a time. The field thought so, too. Of course new things are always difficult to some extent.”, Erja says.

In Validia the role of the system will grow along with new features deployed, and along with possible new sites.

Erja provides her tips to a new JAMIX customer: ”Plan the deployment well. Don’t deploy the whole system at once, but rather one area at a time.”

Support Services And Co-operation Work Well With JAMIX

Erja as the administrator of the system is happy with the support she has gotten from JAMIX: ”I have always gotten help at an excellent level. Some times I feel that I ask too much, but on the other hand I have never felt to have done so.” With regards training Erja prefers efficient remote trainings where you go through only one or a few issues at a time.

”All in all the co-operation with JAMIX has been seamless and good.”, Erja summarizes.

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