Jamix has been Making Kitchens Work Already For 30 Years

Jamix 30 Years Anniversary

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JAMIX originated from a recipe program made by Mikko Jaatinen. The local vocational school became interested in the program and after that, the program was sold at a fast pace to dozens of professional kitchens already within the first year. Soon, custom programs were built to manage inventory and meal orders. These three programs together formed a comprehensive professional kitchen management system for all sizes and types of kitchens.

For the first few years, Mikko Jaatinen took care of everything alone. As the business grew, more employees were hired. At the turn of the century, the customer-base already consisted of a wide range of both public and private-sector companies. The software was continuously developed, and the number of customers increased steadily. After the mid-2000s, JAMIX received an inquiry from Australia: Mikko and his family left for Australia and started export business.

As the operating systems developed, the JAMIX program was re-created in the 2010s as a web-based version. The company’s customer base grew and its staff as well. In the late 2010s, the focus of exports was shifted to the United States. Mikko Jaatinen repacked his belongings and moved to the United States to be closer to potential customers. As a result of the major export project, JAMIX signed an agreement with Yale Hospitality in 2019.

Listening to customers’ needs, uninterrupted product development, and enthusiasm for developing solutions to facilitate the daily work of professional kitchens have been the base of JAMIX for 30 years. Today, over 1,000,000 meals a day are prepared with JAMIX software. As we move into the new decade, the program is being developed more than ever.

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