Jamix’s Expertise In Foodservices Is Built On Decades Of Experience In Commercial Kitchens

Jamix’s Expertise In Foodservices Is Built On Decades Of Experience In Commercial Kitchens

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By: Anna Skyttä

Deep and versatile knowledge about foodservice operations is built at Jamix on 31 years of experience of commercial kitchen management. When developing a software system for making work easier, it is important to understand how kitchens operate in real life. And you need to be interested in that, as well. Since its beginning Jamix has always listened to customers’ needs. In addition, there are numerous people in the company who have worked in the foodservice industry before coming to Jamix. So we can proudly say that we know operations of different types of commercial kitchens, as well as their requirements extremely well.

Versatile and Comprehensive Functions for Commercial Kitchens

Jamix has been developing its kitchen software system already for 3 decades based on both customer feedback and internal innovation. Basic features and functionalities – such as recipes and menus including calculations accordingly, inventory management, and requisitions – have been in the system since the beginning.

The world changes constantly, the amount of data increases, and new technologies replace old ones. Jamix has developed the system continuously so that it would support kitchen operations as well as possible. Basic features have been improved, and numerous useful functionalities and innovative solutions have been added. Still after 3 decades there are plenty of wishes and ideas for developing the system. So Jamix is constantly developing new features that will make work in the kitchen easier.

Customer Support Provides Expert Service

Jamix customers often thank the system for its clear and easy user interface. Jamix has received recognition for intuitiveness also from the National Restaurant Association Show. In 2019 JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System received the Kitchen Innovation Award. The judges of the award panel highlighted intuitiveness of the system in addition to versatile features.

At times you might need help even if the system was intuitive. Jamix values expertise and quality in customer support services, as well. We have trainers who understand foodservice operations really well, as they have worked in foodservices earlier. We have employees who are experts because they have worked for Jamix for a really long time. As a result customer satisfaction for Jamix support services is close to 100 %.

Solid and Reliable Partner for Foodservice Operations

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is in use in thousands of commercial kitchens that prepare over 1 million meals with it every day. In addition to recently joined customers, Jamix has a lot of customers who have used the system for a really long time – including those who have been along since the beginning of the company. Jamix originates in Finland but today Jamix makes kitchens work also in the US, Hong Kong, and Australia, for example.

Operating in this extent is possible due to Jamix’s expertise and strong organization. It guarantees functioning software service and support services accordingly to both large and small foodservice operations. With 31 years behind Jamix is an established and solid company, but by no means a stagnated one.


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