Kitchen System Calculates Nutritional Values Quickly and Reliably for Heart Association’s Recipes

Heart Symbol - Suvi Laine

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Mari Olli is Brand Manager of the Heart Symbol in the Finnish Heart Association. The Heart Symbol tells the consumer at a glance that the product marked with this symbol is a better choice in its product group. Mari works especially with commercial kitchen customers. She uses JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System for creating and developing recipes both for consumers and for commercial kitchens in co-operation with the food industry.


Food served by foodservices has big significance for public health in Finland. The Finnish Heart Association wants to make it easier for commercial kitchens to serve healthy food. The Heart Association has invested in improving nutritional quality of food served by foodservices for over 30 years. Concrete examples of the Heart Association’s work are different types of tools. For example criteria and metrics, as well as the Heart Symbol meal. The purpose of these tools has been to support foodservice operators in ensuring nutritional quality according to nutritional recommendations.

JAMIX Kitchen System Supports Operations of the Finnish Heart Association Diversely

Nutritional quality of Heart Symbol recipes that are published in the internet is always verified with calculations from the JAMIX System. The recipes will be developed to match recommendations, if needed. In the near future the Heart Association will publish also price information for recipes. JAMIX helps with those calculations, too.

The Heart Symbol is available in JAMIX eMenu service, so commercial kitchens that have the right to use the symbol can easily communicate the healthy meal options to their customers. ”It is worth while to put some effort in bringing out the good and responsible work in foodservices”, says Mari. She appreciates the usability of JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System: ”JAMIX is a practical and intuitive system!”

Employees of the Finnish Heart Association typically use JAMIX System for calculating nutritive values for different types of recipes. With the system it is easy to create different versions of recipes, and point out how big impact even one ingredient can have in nutritional content.

Managing Information Is Easy With JAMIX System

JAMIX is a cloud-based system which is important for the Finnish Heart Association. You can access the system on different laptops, or even with a tablet, and the use is not tied into a certain workstation. All information is also safe in the system. ”Calculating nutrition facts is of course remarkably quicker with JAMIX Kitchen System compared to calculating that information manually. At the same time the information is more reliable as the amount of human errors is smaller”, says Mari.

”It’s difficult to imagine, that the foodservice industry would go back to manual work when it comes to managing information. This is so much more efficient, quicker, and more accurate”, says Mari, and continues: ”Things have to run promptly. You don’t have the time to do these types of things without a system anymore.” There will always be work where you cannot replace people. With the help of software systems you will have more time to take care of those things, as well. And for a healthy heart that is a positive thing, too.


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