Satisfied Customers Indicate That We Make It Work – Jamix Customer Satisfaction Over 95 %

JAMIX Customer Satisfaction Over 95 %

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By: Anna Skyttä

Customer satisfaction is always based on an individual experience of a customer. Customer satisfaction – whether it was good or bad – can as well be built on many different factors over a long period of time, or on one single experience in a short moment. Factors affecting customer satisfaction are, for example, the quality and price of a product or service. Important factors are also availability, speed, or expertise of customer service. In addition, transparency and reliability of the company play a role in customer satisfaction.

In addition to the previously mentioned, factors related to the customer also have effect on customer satisfaction. Sometimes hurry or troubles related to completely different things may trigger a bad customer experience without an actual cause. Correspondingly, a customer might forgive small (or sometimes even bigger) stumbles, if there are no other burdening issues. One way or another, usually you gain good customer satisfaction by fulfilling – or preferably topping – your customer’s needs.

The core of JAMIX software service is the system, which we continuously develop further. New releases are included in the software service and we automatically update them to our customers. In addition to written instructions the software service includes helpdesk services. Jamix also provides training and admin services.

Reliability And Responsibility Are Core Values Of Jamix

Jamix system was originally created completely based on customer needs. The system has been developed continuously for over 30 years through own innovation as well as based on customer feedback. Versatile and comprehensive software system adapts to the needs of both small and large food service operators. Our customers appreciate the system’s intuitiveness and ease of use.

At Jamix we always aim at clarifying the customer’s needs in the procurement process of the software system. This way we want to make sure that our system will serve the food service operation in the best possible way. For us it is important that we know our customers’ needs, and that we are reliable and responsible partner for our customers. One indication for reliability of both the product and the company could be that Jamix has numerous loyal customers who have used our services already for several decades.

Customers Appreciate Quality, Speed, And Expertise In Services

Jamix has a very strong organisation with expertise in both technical know-how and services. Our support services are easily available providing quality service fast. We measure customer satisfaction on a continuous basis and we are happy to say that first of all, our customers answer the satisfaction surveys to a greater extent than average. Secondly, almost all feedback we get is positive: Our customer satisfaction rate is typically 95-100 %.

Jamix customer satisfaction over 95 %

Despite excellent satisfaction rates we regularly go through the customer feedback and develop our operations based on it so that both the product and the services we provide would fulfill customer expectations in the future, as well. The world changes constantly and at Jamix we don’t only want to keep up with the changes but we want to be a forerunner creating the future.

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