Vuokatti Sport Manages Food Waste and Costs with JAMIX System

Vuokatti Sport ravintola

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Located in the region of Kainuu in Finland, Vuokatti Sport Resort offers a wide range of services both to active holidaymakers and professional athletes, as well as students. Vuokatti Sport has been a JAMIX Customer already since 1997. The Hotel Director Jani Klemetti has been using JAMIX Systems for over a decade. He has been working for Vuokatti Sport for around 3 years now. O’las Restaurant at Vuokatti Sport offers a buffet service with the widest selection of food in the Vuokatti region. The daily offering includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The seating capacity of O’las is 380 but the restaurant is capable of handling bigger events, as well.

“Consistency With Recipes Is a Guarantee for Even Quality”

The chefs use JAMIX System in the Vuokatti Sport kitchen every day and in every shift. All recipes are in JAMIX. The chefs are very happy with JAMIX System and they are committed to using the recipes and purchase products that are in the software. “For example, if we started using a new product and it’s missing from the system, the chefs will quite quickly come and ask for it”, says Jani. JAMIX System helps with quality control, as well. In case of negative feedback you can easily check if there is something to be fixed in the recipe, or if some step had been skipped during preparation in the kitchen.

Jani Klemetti is in charge of developing the recipes and JAMIX has proven to be a good tool for that. Kitchen Manager Tiina Korhonen takes care of purchase orders. “The system provides big help also with orders”, says Jani with Tiina nodding by his side. The plan is to use the system even more for inventory management in the future. Maybe also for monitoring key figures, Jani says.

Information On Menu Items Easy to Communicate with JAMIX Menu Service

In addition to recipe, menu, and inventory management Vuokatti Sport kitchen uses JAMIX Menu service for publishing their menu online. “With JAMIX Menu service we are able to communicate ingredients and allergens quickly and in a distinct way to our customers”, says Jani. For example, youngsters attending a sports camp can send a link to the e menu to their parents so that they can see the menus at Vuokatti Sport, as well. This has been a popular procedure especially with customers having special diets. “When dealing with sports, availability of reliable nutritional facts that are up-to-date is a really important feature”, Jani says.

Appropriate Selection of Ingredients Helps in Managing Costs and Food Waste

Vuokatti Sport kitchen produces only a little amount waste. The kitchen is open 365 days a year and they are able to plan production in an efficient way, as well as utilize prepared food well. Next Jani wants to get his hands on the customer leftovers challenge. He has some good ideas for reducing leftovers on the customers’ plates, where they would utilize JAMIX System with a scale integration. Hopefully they will be able to come back to this already next year.

Vuokatti Sport is also interested in adding the CO2 Calculator in JAMIX System. “Children and youngsters are especially aware of environmental issues. They want to have information on the environmental effects of different food choices”, says Jani.

Managing food waste and costs equals to efficiency in production. In addition to the company, it benefits the customers, as well. Smaller amount of food waste and smaller costs provide competitive advantage for the company compared to other companies in the business. “You can allocate the profit to your customers as better quality and service”, Jani explains.

JAMIX System provides a lot of help in managing profitability. You can keep the amount of ingredients relatively narrow when you plan your recipes with the system. Jani knows that when the amount of ingredients is manageable, your costs are in control and the amount of waste goes down.

JAMIX Is a Reliable and Efficient Tool in the Kitchen

Jani encourages new JAMIX customers to take time for working on the basic data in the deployment phase. “When you have planned and executed the base carefully, using the system will be easy and smooth”, Jani says. Vuokatti Sport has not needed to use JAMIX Support Services that much. “The system has worked really reliably.” On the other hand, when needed they have quickly gotten connected with support services getting clear answers to their questions.

According to Jani the role of software systems will continue to increase in the future. Different types of mobile systems will be in use even more than today. Jani sees lots of benefits from the systems, for example in situations where you need to prioritize or rearrange tasks due to personnel shortage. It is also easier for substitutes to take over tasks in the kitchen when you are using consistent recipes and all information is easy to find in JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System.

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