Perho College Orders Local Vegetables from Green City Farm with JAMIX System

Green City Farm, Perho Liiketalousopisto. Kuva: Jarmo Åke

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Picture above by Jarmo Åke: “Restaurant on the Field”

The famous Finnish Perho Culinary School is nowadays a part of Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College. At the Töölö campus in Helsinki the future foodservice professionals improve their practical skills in the educational Perho Restaurant. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is in use at the Töölö campus as well as at the Malmi campus of Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College, where they run the Perhon Helmi restaurant for students and staff. Green City Farm educational field and ecological garden are located together with the Malmi campus.

Perho Students Plan Recipes with JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

JAMIX System is widely used in different sites of Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College. Kitchen Managers in Perhon Helmi restaurant at Malmi and in Perhon Herkku student restaurant at Töölö campus make recipes and orders with JAMIX. Perhon Helmi restaurant also uses JAMIX Menu service for publishing their menu online, as well as the JAMIX CO2 Calculator. In addition, all culinary students at Perho learn to use JAMIX as part of their studies.

JAMIX System is also in use at the main inventory in Töölö. “At the main inventory we compile all orders made by teachers together as purchase orders to suppliers, and check orders and deliveries”, tells Procurement Expert Jouni Leinonen. Green City Farm, the ecological garden of the Perho College, is one of the suppliers for Perho Restaurant.

Green City Farm Produces Quality Ingredients for Restaurants in Malmi, Helsinki

Green City Farm was founded in 2017 to answer Perho’s need to procure quality vegetables for students and for the restaurants of Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College. Perho Culinary School used to be a partner in Herttoniemi Food Cooperative, and Green City Farm was a natural continuum for that. Heidi Hovi-Sippola has been growing ingredients for Perho’s needs already at Herttoniemi Food Cooperative. Now she is responsible for the operation of Green City Farm. In addition to Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College, Green City Farm has many famous restaurants in the capital region as customers or partners.

Green City Farm, Helsinki. Kuva: Heidi Hovi-Sippola
Photo: Heidi Hovi-Sippola

Green City Farm Maintains Up-to-date Product Assortment in JAMIX System

Green City Farm has been using JAMIX System now for 2 growing seasons. During the first year Heidi and Jouni have together created stock cards in the system for the vegetables they grow. Now they can activate and deactivate stock cards along the growing season. This way the available assortment is always up-to-date for those who make orders in the system. For the next growing season Jouni and Heidi plan to start using the Deliveries feature in JAMIX System in order to get even more information from the reports in the system.

The product assortment of Green City Farm includes around 50 items. All vegetables are sold directly from the field to the kitchens. The assortment has mainly stayed the same throughout the Green City Farm’s existence. Perho Restaurant, culinary education, as well as other customers are welcome to make wishes regarding the assortment. They will be fulfilled as well as possible. Consumers can also buy products from the Green City Farm farm sales or seasonal fairs. In addition to selling products, the Green City Farm has arranged Restaurant on the Field dinners together with Perho Restaurant. The guests will have the chance to enjoy sustainably produced delicious food at a long table by the field.

JAMIX Makes It Easier to Manage Purchase Orders at the Perho College

Using JAMIX System helps both the people making purchase orders at different Perho sites, as well as the Green City Farm as the supplier to manage orders in an appropriate way. “It is easier for all parties that you can compile the Perho orders together and send it to us as one order”, says Heidi from the Green City Farm. It is easier to manage orders this way, which saves time both for the orderers and the supplier. Also Jouni feels, that JAMIX System provides big help especially for keeping track on purchase orders. “When you have several big orders for the same day, it is much clearer to manage them with a system compared to handling each order in a separate system or via email.”

Food Production Will Go Back to Basics

When we ask about the future of the business, both Jouni and Heidi bring up the appreciation of food. “Safety, clean food, local production, and self-sufficiency are interesting topics”, says Jouni. “Going back to basics.” According to Jouni food is no longer taken for granted in the way it used to be a couple of years ago. “Appreciation of domestic food should continue to rise”, says Heidi. “Finnish food is unfortunately still too cheap when you compare it to the amount of work required for production.”

JAMIX System Adapts to Customer’s Operation and Needs

Jouni has some clear advice for a new Jamix customer “You have to do the groundwork well. It is the foundation for all operation. All other features are based on this data.” In addition, you need to reserve time for deployment of the system and for updating information. Don’t assume, that the system works by itself. If you want to utilize the system to the fullest, you really need to reserve time for it. “That’s where the work starts actually. That you modify the system to your needs, maintain information, and take new features along.”

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