Recipe Software Saved Time in the Gluten-free Everyday Food Project of the Finnish Coeliac Society

Gluteenitonta arkiruokaa, Sirpa Gylling, kuvaaja Tuulamaria Lempiälä

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In the picture above: Sirpa Gylling, photo: Tuulamaria Lempiälä

The Finnish Coeliac Society is a national organization aiming to improve the well-being of Finnish coeliac patients and others who follow gluten-free diet for their health in their daily life. Project Worker Sirpa Gylling has been developing recipes for consumers in the Gluten-free Everyday Food project of the Finnish Coeliac Society. In addition to taste she has focused on costs, healthiness, and minimizing food waste when developing the recipes. The project started in early 2022 with the aim of producing 75 recipes. Sirpa took JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System along right from the beginning of the project to help with the workload.


Software Calculates Costs and Nutrition Facts for Recipes

Recipes in the Gluten-free Everyday Food project have been developed especially for people with low income. In addition, the amount and quality of fat, as well as salt have been matched with the nutritional goals related to the Heart Symbol of the Finnish Heart Association. JAMIX System calculates automatically both costs and nutritive values for recipes. This has saved a huge amount of time in the project. “If I would have calculated nutritive values and costs manually for over 70 recipes, I would have been overloaded with work”, says Sirpa and continues: “Now I have been able to check the nutrition facts already when planning recipes and I have been able to modify them already before the first testing.”

Recipes With Images, and Shopping List Were Useful in the Testing Phase

Finalized recipes will be published in a print version which will be distributed to consumers through the Finnish healthcare system. In addition, 3 different menus with the recipes will be published online in the Finnish Coeliac Association website. The recipes have been created into JAMIX System with images. You get a pdf printout for recipes from the system, and it has been easy to send them to the test group. Even if JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System has been developed for commercial kitchens, the recipe printout works well with consumers, as well. The shopping list you get from the system is an essential tool in professional kitchens. It has been useful also in the project when buying ingredients for testing the recipes, as you get the list of all the needed items including quantities directly from JAMIX System.

Gluteenitonta arkiruokaa, kuva: Sirpa Gylling
Tortilla, photo: Sirpa Gylling

Building Basic Data Went Smoothly Along with Other Things

The deployment of JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System went smoothly as Sirpa had used the system before. The recipes that have been developed during the project include over 100 ingredients. Food service operators typically utilize the product group specific nutritive values that are included in JAMIX System. In addition, they typically update wholesale prices electronically into the system. As the recipes in the Gluten-free Everyday Food project were developed for consumers and ingredients were bought from a regular supermarket instead of a wholesaler, Sirpa registered consumer prices and nutritional facts for ingredients manually into the system. It went smoothly along with developing the recipes as you needed new ingredients.

Kitchen Management Systems Are Today’s World in Commercial Kitchens

“There is no future in commercial kitchens without software systems. Systems save time. Sales margins are really important to know and the systems provide you this information”, Sirpa says. “Employees in the food service industry are getting younger all the time. There isn’t a barrier for using IT systems anymore, like there used to be before. Modern chefs are also used to using recipes as a base for their work. It creates a safe environment when you get your recipes from a system and they are easily available.”

Without a system I might have been in trouble with the workload. The system has been an important part of this project.

Gluteenitonta arkiruokaa, kuva: Sirpa Gylling
Falafel, photo: Sirpa Gylling

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