JAMIX CO₂ Calculator is one of the “Best of Gastro Helsinki 2020”

JAMIX CO2 Calculator is one of the Best of Gastro Helsinki

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”The Best of Gastro Helsinki 2020” have been selected, including 5 new items in the restaurant business

The 5 most interesting new items of Gastro Helsinki 2020 – an event for food and restaurant business – have been selected. These items make the work in the kitchen easier, enable activities related to responsibility, and help in understanding environmental aspects related to ingredients and meals. Gastro Helsinki takes place in Helsinki Messukeskus event venue on March 11-13, 2020.

The Best of Gastro are products or services included in the product/service range of the exhibitors. From the suggestions entered the jury selected 5 new products or services bringing additional value to restaurants, bars, coffee shops and professional kitchens through, for example, the ease of use, collecting and presenting information, or promoting activities related to responsibility.

The products and services nominated as The Best of Gastro will be presented at the exhibitor booths throughout the event.

The Best of Gastro were selected by a jury including Editor in Chief Heli Koivuniemi (Aromi, Shaker, Evento magazine), Senior Manager Anne Lundqvist (Fazer Retail Finland), District Director of Restaurant Services Hanne-Riikka Piironen (Delicatessen Ravintolapalvelut), Top Chef winner Akseli Herlevi (owner of Naughty BRGR chain), Chairman of the Finnish Sommelier Association and  restaurateur Samuil Angelov (Muru, Pastis, Sue-Ellen, Ultima), and Chef Jarmo Vähä-Savo (BarLaurea). Event Producer of Gastro Helsinki Mari Katajamäki acted as the Chairman of the Jury without the right to vote.

JAMIX CO₂ Calculator is one of ”The Best of Gastro Helsinki 2020”

JAMIX CO₂ Calculator is an application related to JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System, and it calculates the carbon footprint of food. The application will automatically calculate the CO₂ values for recipes and meals. The operator can choose to publish the CO₂ values to the end-customers together with the menu.

JAMIX CO₂ Calculator is developed for commercial kitchens for calculating and comparing the carbon footprint of food. In JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System it is easy to compare the CO₂ values of ingredients and experiment the effects of different ingredient choices on the carbon footprint of a meal. In addition to this, the operator can choose to publish the CO₂ values to its end-customers, which enables them to make comparison and choices based on the carbon footprint, as well.

The possibility to compare the carbon footprint of different items already when creating recipes and planning menus makes it easier to take environmental aspect into consideration in a commercial kitchen. Announcing the carbon footprint for meals will bring additional value to the end-customers, as well as a possibility to effect on the carbon footprint.

Sustainability and responsibility play a key role in all areas of today’s society. The environmental effect of food is approximately as big as of traffic and habitation. Besides households, commercial kitchens have a major opportunity to support sustainability, and one way of doing this is taking the carbon footprint of food into consideration. JAMIX CO₂ Calculator enables exploring the carbon footprint of food, and it is easy to share information with the end-customers, as well.

JAMIX will be exhibiting at Gastro Helsinki March 11-13, 2020

– Come and meet us at booth 6g28!

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