Mer än 2 500 kunder

Mer än 20 000 användare

Mer än 1 000 000 måltider tillagas varje dag

Jamix kunder innehåller:

  • Hälften av kommuner i Finland Gymnasie- och universitetsserveringar
  • Personalserveringar
  • Restauranger och restaurangkedjor
  • Matsalar
  • Kaféer
  • Livsmedelsaffärer som säljer egna färdigrätter
  • Äldreboenden
  • Skolor för matlagningskonst
Yale Hospitality

Yale Selects JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System to Change the Game in Foodservice Operations

Fresh Ideas selects JAMIX as new kitchen intelligence partner

Fresh Ideas Selects Jamix as New Kitchen Intelligence Partner

Hungry Planet

JAMIX Provides Hungry Planet Comprehensive Tools for Managing Recipes

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System provides far-stretched visibility towards customers, as well. Xamk catering services of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences includes seven restaurants in total located in four different cities. JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is utilized in Xamk both as an everyday tool as well as for customer communication. Read more…

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System ensures the quality of food and saves time. Aleksia is a public utility providing food services for over 40.000 people in the Finnish community of Nurmijärvi. JAMIX makes everyday work fluent and manageable in the community’s 12 commissary kitchens and over 50 sites in total. Read more…


Information Management Is a Core Benefit of the Kitchen System for Antell

Vuokatti Sport

Vuokatti Sport Manages Food Waste and Costs with JAMIX System

Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College

Perho College Orders Local Vegetables from Green City Farm with JAMIX System

Presentation_EMBLA_NordicFoodForMany_Mikkeli_picture_final_ORG pieni

JAMIX System Keeps Procurement and Requisitions in Order in Mikkeli Food Services


Shared Recipes and Procedures Lead the Everyday Work in Omnia's Kitchens


Folkhälsan Uses JAMIX System for Nutritional Monitoring – ”Lots Of Benefits With Little Effort”


JAMIX System Is the Guiding Thread for the Kitchen Operations in Laitila

Finnish Red Cross kitchen

Scaling Recipes Is Essential for the Finnish Red Cross Logistics Center

Heart Symbol - Suvi Laine

Kitchen System Calculates Nutritional Values Quickly and Reliably for Heart Association's Recipes

Mari Ahovuori-Raivio, ravintola Santeri ja JAMIX-keittiöjärjestelmä

In Restaurant Santeri the Day Starts with JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System

Gluteenitonta arkiruokaa, Sirpa Gylling, kuvaaja Tuulamaria Lempiälä

JAMIX System Saved Time in the Gluten Free Everyday Food Project of the Finnish Coeliac Society